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Blurring the boundaries: The Commonwealth of Dominica Signs Historic Visa Waiver Agreement with China

30 November 2021

The new monumental agreement between The Commonwealth of Dominica and the People’s of Republic of China is highly important for business people, travel lovers, and most other people. According to Dominica News Online, the two countries enabled citizens to travel back and forth completely visa-free.  

The new decision brings to the front Dominica CBI unit, forcing one to take a fresh look at the benefits of this program.  

It is important that only 78 countries and territories can enter China visa-free. Its limited offering makes it an obstacle for those who want to do business in this country. For example, countries like India, South Africa, Nigeria, or Singapore must go through the bureaucratic hassle of obtaining visas, which sometimes leads to missed opportunities that negatively impact business. However, all these difficulties are no more associated with Dominica’s citizenship.  

“China does not really allow visa-free [access] for many passport holders, and they have given that privilege to the Dominican passport of all categories. So, it’s a major plus. Dominican citizens will be able to travel to many of the business hubs across the world.”

— Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Dominica and China have enjoyed a long-standing relationship since establishing diplomatic ties in 2004.

“This clearly is a special dispensation and consideration, which China is granting especially in this pandemic period and so we are even more grateful for the signing of this agreement. These bilateral relations are entrenched in our recognition that there is but one China. And as we have said many times, Dominica will assist, where it can, in the peaceful reunification of China,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also commented.”

Benefits of Dominica CBI program

Visa-free or visa on arrival access to 144 countries, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and the European Schengen States

No global income, dividends, wealth, and inheritance tax

All family members can obtain citizenship within 1,5 months 

Possibility to get long-term visas to the USA and Canada

Fully remote procedure 

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Blurring the boundaries: The Commonwealth of Dominica Signs Historic Visa Waiver Agreement with China — Migronis

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How does it work?

You buy a villa in a resort complex.

The starting price is $255,000

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7 days a year you can live there for free

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Processing time from 1.5 months

You earn a profit from renting your villa.

30% of the resort’s profits are distributed among the investors

You benefit from the villa.

The villa can be resold in the future. Mandatory retention period — 3 years

A new buyer can also apply for Dominica citizenship if you resell your property after five years of retention.

Jungle Bay is a government-approved project, which is entitled to participate in the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

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