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Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen?

25 April 2022

The idea of becoming a global citizen not bound to any country or boundaries, being able to travel the globe visa-free, to live without borders, and to unlock the full potential the world has to offer, is one many have dreamed of, but few have ever achieved. Becoming a global citizen, however, is much simpler than you may have thought.

In this piece we will take you through the global citizenship definition, the idea of global citizenship, how you can become a world citizen, what benefits being a global citizen can provide you with, which countries help you obtain that elite status, and how we at Migronis can help you make that dream come true. So let’s get cracking.

What does it mean to be a citizen of the world

Being a global citizen means you free yourself of the shackles that bound you to one nation and one government, giving yourself the freedom you and your family need to unlock your full potential. This can be achieved through strategically obtaining more than one passport, which helps you unlock the door to unparalleled international freedom.

By becoming a world citizen, which means a citizen of multiple nations, you will be able to unlock more options, discover more opportunities of global citizenship, enhance your global mobility, gain unhindered financial freedom, elevate your lifestyle, improve your quality of life, and provide your children and future generations with a brighter future. You will also be able to mitigate the risk of political instability and safety fluctuation that plague our world, especially in countries such as the Middle East and Africa.

Citizenship of the world

What is global citizenship?

Global citizenship is the idea that one’s identity should not be associated with geographical or political borders. By obtaining more passports, you’ll see the boundaries of visa-free travel begin to crumble. Not all passports are made equal, and some countries have passports that offer visa-free travel to more than 150 destinations worldwide, allowing you to add to your tally of destinations you can visit on business or leisure without having to worry about the hassle of getting a visa before even booking your flight. All this is due to world citizenship.

World passports rankings are better highlighted through the use of a passport index, which shows a passport’s strength and ranking by the number of visa-free destinations this document provides its holder. However, the trick is quality over quantity, as some passports can offer visa-free travel to a multitude of destinations, but only a few of which are desirable. You want a passport that can let you roam the world’s economic and touristic hotspots, such as the EU, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and others, without worry. Becoming a global citizen does require that you obtain passports that compliment the one you already own and not one that provides redundancy or overlaps the destination you can already travel to without a visa.


Unlock your freedom and create your personal world without borders!

We have prepared an overview of Residency and Citizenship-by-Investment programs. This is a detailed guide on how you can get a 2 passport and obtain Citizenship- and Residence-by-Investment legally, without having to worry about the hassle of getting a visa.


Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis
Citizenship of the world: How do you become a global citizen? — Migronis

Why global citizenship matters

Global citizenship is essential for those looking to emancipate themselves from the shackles of one country, its global political restraints, its tax regime, or its lack of constitutional policies, and obtain complete freedom when it comes to traveling beyond borders, global business, and financial autonomy.

Becoming a global citizen also provides a resolute plan B that mitigates the risk of political turmoil or economic instability. Take the Middle East as a great example, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen all fell to internal conflicts. Those with dual citizenship or multiple citizenships would have been able to act, getting out of the country to their other home, before disaster struck. The idea of global citizenship is being able to safeguard your family, your finances, and yourself against instability or uncertainty.

According to BBC World Service Poll, more and more people now are identifying themselves as global citizens. It is interesting that about half of all respondents in the US believe they are outward-looking and internationally-minded. The figures are even higher when it comes to China, Spain, or emerging nations. 

Becoming a global citizen – What does it offer you?

Becoming a global citizen opens a multitude of opportunities. Here are the main benefits of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship:

  1. Enhanced global movement: it is only human to crave freedom, and getting a second passport gives you enhanced travel freedom. The passport of St. Kitts and Nevis allows visa-free travel to more than 150 destinations in the international field, which will enable you to roam the globe undisturbed and join the community of freedom-unlockers.
  2. Financial freedom: global citizens have the ability to sort out their financials in the way they see it, instead of having one government dictate how they should manage their wealth. Countries that have rigid or demanding tax regimes can seriously damage wealthy people. Hence, getting citizenship in a country that is a tax haven can alleviate that problem. As an example, Dominica is a country in which you can obtain citizenship through investment with minimal requirements on a legal basis, and it is also one of the world’s leading tax havens, with no global individual income tax. Setting up your financial base, banking accounts (both onshore and offshore), and HQs in Dominica will provide you with enhanced financial freedom and safeguard your wealth in a commonwealth country that is governed by common law. For a person who is a crypto-investor, many countries that offer Citizenship-by-Investment, such as St. Kitts & Nevis, are considered crypto-friendly, giving more options to deal in virtual currency without the hassle of government interference.
  3. A secure plan B: if things go awry, you’ll have a solid contingency plan to fall back on as a global citizen. Take the COVID pandemic as a great example here. People who were bound by one passport were shackled to one country and one course of action. Those with a multitude of passports could have their pick as to where they and their families could wait out the pandemic. Even in times of political turbulence or disturbance, having that second passport and a second nation to call home can make all the difference. You never know when a government may go off the rails. Just look at the Soviet Union or Second World War Germany as examples. Being a global citizen means you and your family’s fate is not at the mercy of a government’s official whims. The founder of believes, “If you put all of your trust in one single government, you are completely at their mercy. So, libertarians, with their distrust of governments, can realize their need to diversify. If one government goes crazy, I can ask for protection from the other one.”
  4. Elevated global business: becoming a global citizen means you can conduct business wherever you wish throughout the globe. Many countries are bound by trade agreements or politically strained trade routes. Global citizens have the tools to circumvent that obstacle. The US and China, for example, had a mini-trade war while Trump was in office. But global citizens could’ve easily shifted their HQs to another country to avoid the financial losses that came with that political spat. Opening limited or shell companies in tax havens is another business benefit global citizens can take advantage of. For example, establishing a shell company in St. Kitts & Nevis is as easy as opening a bank account. The simplicity of the business landscape in the country interests business persons from all around the world.
  5. Better opportunities for your children: as your future generations of global citizens need not worry about borders or boundaries, they will be free to pursue their studies and work wherever they deem best. Global citizenship offers children the ability to fulfill their full potential, enjoy life, and discover new cultures around the Earth, and even more than that.
  6. Your best retirement plan: with retirement planning, one of the most important decisions is where you want to live. Millions of over 50s are planning to move away, as this presents an exciting new adventure along with potential financial benefits. And second citizenship is one of the most straightforward processes to execute these plans. Find out everything about retiring from the US entrepreneur John Bandak who has decided to relocate to Portugal.
  7. Crypto-friendly hub: if you want to internationalize your life and expand more options for yourself and your family, then second citizenship is an ideal fit for you. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of crypto-friendly countries now, but, for sure, cryptocurrency investors need to protect themselves with offshore strategies. And second citizenship is a good option to handle it. Besides, if you want to know more on what countries give second citizenship or residence permit to crypto investors, do not hesitate to read this article

Global citizenship: Myths and facts

Myth 1. You must live in a country for a long time to get a second citizenship

Fact 1. There are many countries, which do not have this requirement

This myth is based on a little of the truth. Obtaining Swiss citizenship may take at least twelve years of on-the-ground residence. The same goes for some other countries, including the USA. However, there are numerous states where there is no need to wait to get a world passport.

Naturalization is only one of the ways to obtain your desired global citizenship. However, it is worth remembering about citizenship by birth, citizenship through derivation, citizenship through acquisition, and, most importantly, the Citizenship-by-Investment option. The last choice offers you the opportunity to legally acquire global citizenship as quickly as possible, reaching, as an example, the countries of the Caribbean with a relatively short stay or even without it.

Myth 2. A passport obtained by investment differs from an ordinary passport

Fact 2. This passport is no different from others, but may sometimes have some restrictions attached (voting rights, etc.)

Each country sets its own requirements for investors. In most cases, an investor can run a business, live, work, open accounts in European banks, access the healthcare system, and freely move across the Schengen area, etc. It is important that an investor receives a legal passport, not a travel document. World citizenship has many benefits, and your world passport would be granted the same.

How do you become a global citizen?

Becoming a global citizen is much easier than you may have thought. You can create a portfolio that allows you to become a global citizen. Many countries offer their citizenship in exchange for quality investments, most of which start at 100,000 USD. Commonwealth nations such as Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Lucia offer Citizenship-by-Investment, offering top-tier global mobility to over 140 destinations worldwide, including EU, UK, Russia, Singapore, China, and more. Turkey and Vanuatu also offer Citizenship-by-Investment options, and their passports are very similar to those in the Caribbean. 

Other nations offer Residency-by-Investment, such as Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, and Latvia. These countries provide their residency to investors who purchase property in the country. The US also has its EB5 Visa, which allows investors that put forward 800,000 USD in loan capital to obtain a green card.

With every choice comes rights and responsibilities, and by creating the best portfolio, you can tailor them to meet your needs. 

Citizenship of the world

Benefits of the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program:

  1. The fastest way to get EU citizenship (for your family and you)
  2. Visa-free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area
  3. 100% return on investment with preservation of residence permit
  4. High quality of life and high level of security
  5. Beneficial tax regime (NHR) for 10 years
  6. Passport with no need to stay in the country for a long time (only 7 days a year)
  7. Possibility to invest in liquid real estate
  8. One of the most favorable countries for business

Dual or Multiple Citizenship

Many countries allow dual citizenship, while a good amount offers multiple citizenships. Dual citizenship is holding two citizenships simultaneously, while multiple citizenships mean having more than that.

By having more than one citizenship, and creating a portfolio of passports that compliment each other, you can unlock the boundaries of the world, travel without borders, and become a true part of the global community as a global citizen. 

It is worth noting that all countries that offer Citizenship- or Residency-by-Investment allow dual and multiple citizenships. Many of these countries also keep your acquisition of their citizenship completely private, allowing you to maintain total privacy when it comes to getting your new passport through investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is global citizenship real?

Yes, global citizenship is real. While there is no world citizenship passport or global citizen passport, it is attainable through the right combination of passports and residencies.

What does citizenship of the world mean?

Citizenship of the world means complete freedom, the ability to travel the world visa-free, choose taxation regimes, maintain your wealth, and reside in countries that suit your needs best. There is no citizen of the world passport or global citizen passport per se, but the right combination of dual citizenship or multiple citizenship can grant you the coveted status as a world citizen.

Is there such thing as a global passport?

The world passport looks like a national, except it’s printed in seven languages. Each individual can get this document if they fill out an application form at the WSA Web site. It is important that you do not need to renounce your national citizenship.

Who is called a world citizen?

A global citizen is not a special profession or a skill. It’s a simple approach to a highly complex modern world. World citizens are individuals who see themselves as being part of an emerging world. This does not mean they denounce their nationality, but such identities rank second. The actions of world citizens commonly are indicative of contributing to the values of different communities.

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