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Global Law Experts Awards nominated Migronis as One of The Best Citizenship-for-Investment Companies 2021

Migronis Blog
31 August 2021

The Global Law Experts Annual Awards nominated International Citizenship-for-Investment Company Migronis as one of the best two years in a row.

This award has been celebrating excellence, innovation, and performance across legal communities from around the world.

Designed to reward those most deserving in this global and very challenging environment, Global Law Experts Annual Awards can give a comprehensive analysis of the industry and a complete run through of the best of the best in terms of industry experts.

Investment in foreign passports is the latest status symbol

Buying second citizenship is becoming the new trend among high-net-worth individuals since the start of the pandemic. 

Since 2012, Migronis has been helping people from all over the world to become global citizens. Its founder Anatoly Letaev developed the theory of flags into the philosophy and community of Freedom Unlockers. 

Freedom Unlocker is a person who not only diversifies risks with the help of passports of different countries, but lives according to the concept of personal sovereignty, values freedom (his own and others), and studies the world. His values are freedom, independence, and honesty.

Anatoly Letaev 

Migronis Founder 

More about the company

Migronis is an international licensed company that has been helping to obtain citizenship and residence permits through investment programs in 20+ countries since 2012. Included in the TOP-25 Immigration Companies in the World, according to UGLOBAL IMMIGRATION.

Migronis is located in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition, the company has representative offices in four more countries – United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine.

In 2020-2021, Migronis was named Company of the Year in International Investment Immigration by Global Law Experts.

CEO and managing partner of the company Kristina Kurkulyak is included in the TOP-50 influential representatives of the international investment immigration sphere, according to UGLOBAL.

In July 2021, Kemal Nicholson took over the Caribbean destination. Previously, Kemal served as First Secretary of the Embassy of Grenada and worked for four years with the citizenship program of this country. For now, he is the Special Economic Envoy of Antigua and Barbuda to the Russian Federation.

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