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Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination

26 April 2022

Grenada is a breathtaking island nation in the Caribbean. It is known for many attributes; its natural beauty, its hot tourist areas, its illustrious citizenship by investment program, and for being one of the world’s best tax-havens.

Dubbed spice islands, Grenada is stack full of natural resources and has a booming financial services sector. Its status as a commonwealth country with close ties in the UK means it has a close-knit group of financial allies. It is also part of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and a key member of the CARICOM association; making it uniquely situated for investors wishing to blossom their financial and business practices.

Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis

The country’s tax regime aids in the quest, as Grenada does not apply any inheritance, wealth, or capital gains tax on its individuals; while income tax on profit generated outside of Grenada is not taxable. This has led Grenada to become one of the most favorable destinations for investors wishing to free themselves from the shackles of brutal taxation regimes.

Grenada is also home to one of the world’s most popular citizenship by investment program run by its government; wherein investors can become Grenadian citizens and gain the Grenada passport through investing in the Caribbean nation. The Grenada second citizenship by investment program offers investors two routes of investment to gain citizenship:

  1. Donating to the National Transformation Fund which requires a minimum amount of USD 150,000
  2. Purchasing real estate in the form of shares in a five-star resort or actual property with a minimum amount of USD 350,000`

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Investors who embark on the journey to becoming Grenadian citizens through investment can add their family members such as their spouse, dependent children below the age of 30, dependent siblings, and dependent parents and grandparents. The process itself takes about 3 months and they can then take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a Grenadian citizen; such as establishing a Grenada offshore company.

We will take you through the Grenada offshore company landscape, what types of companies Grenada allows you to register, what the requirements are, and the taxation. We will also cover basic banking processes that will allow you to elevate your financial management process and getting total financial freedom.

Grenada Offshore Jurisdiction & Company Formation

Grenada is a leading offshore jurisdiction as it offers a plethora of financial and business services to its non-residents; making it easy for them to register companies, conduct business, do banking processes, and more remotely and profitably. It is one of the world’s leading offshore jurisdiction centers and continues to evolve its offerings.

Registering an offshore company in Grenada comes with a multitude of benefits, mainly the financial and economic freedom provided by the Caribbean nation. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Offshore firms may obtain tax exemptions for 20 years;
  2. Grenada does not apply stamp duty, inheritance taxes, immovable property, capital increment, interest, and dividends tax on non-residents;
  3. foreign owners don’t need to pay taxes on business and land;
  4. Grenada maintains high confidentiality about the business and its owners, ensuring all rights reserved;
  5. Grenada is a common law nation;
  6. Grenada has a strategic business location near the USA.

Types of Grenada Companies

Setting up an offshore company in Grenada is extremely simple and takes no time, as it takes approximately five days and the process is streamlined by utilizing the services of a Grenadian local agent. To set up an offshore company, however, you must first decide on what type of offshore company you want to register. There are three main types of companies that you can establish in Grenada which are:

  1. Sole proprietorship: This is a company owned by one sole owner
  2. Partnership: this is a company owned by two or more owners with shares of the company divided amongst them
  3. Limited liability company: this is the most common type of company registered in Grenada, and it can be owned by one or more owners. Limited liability companies have the advantage of limiting the liability of their owners to the company.

Choosing what type of company is important for you to begin the process; but whatever type you choose the process remains quite similar and straightforward. So let’s take a look at what you need to do to form an offshore company in Grenada.


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Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis
Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis

Grenada Offshore Company Formation Requirements

As we said before, registering a company in Grenada is very simple and takes about 5 days. You must utilize the services of a local Grenadian agent to go about the process, and there are some certain steps you need to take. Here are the main offshore company formation requirements:

  1. Hire an agent who will continue to represent the company’s founders
  2. Choose the type of company you want to register
  3. Choose a name for the company and hint at its type through adding Corp or LTD at the end
  4. Create a shares certificate, memorandum of association, minutes of meeting, and fill the registration form
  5. Choose an address or submit for removal of the office which will then appear as a legal address
  6. Apostille all of the required documents and submit the file to the registration office
  7. Pay registration and license fees
    Appoint a director or create a register of shareholders in case there are several directors and include their names. One shareholder or director must be present in this step.
  8. Create the corporate book and request the seal of the company.

This simplicity makes Grenada one of the best countries in the world to do business. Accompanying the elegance of the process are great taxation benefits, so we want to address that in a bit more detail.

Grenada Offshore Company Taxation

The status of Grenada as a tax haven makes it a legal route to reduce the burden of overwhelming taxes. This is something many investors have vied to take advantage of, and it has helped Grenada’s economic landscape grow well. Here are the main Grenada offshore tax benefits:

  1. Non-resident individuals and citizens are taxed on income generated within Grenaa at 15% instead of 30% after the first XCD 24,000.
  2. Citizens and non-residents of Grenada are not taxed on global income.
  3. There is no inheritance tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, or stamp duty.
  4. Non-residents are not taxed on dividends or interest.
  5. Grenada offshore companies can apply for tax exemptions for 20 years.

These taxation benefits have led many investors to trust that Grenada is the best option for their offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, and an offshore bank Grenada to handle their finances with minimal taxes. Talking about offshore banks Grenada options, let’s take a deeper look into Grenada offshore banking.

Tax Benefits of Caribbean Citizenship

PDF, 6 pages, 3 mb.

Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis

Grenada Offshore Bank Account

There are a multitude of banks in Grenada for offshore companies that provide offshore services to investors. You can open an offshore bank account for your offshore company quite easily and enable your company to pay and receive monies while also protecting your capital and adorning the hat of financial diversification all at once. There are a plethora of advantages of opening a Grenada offshore account and we want to talk about them in more depth.


Advantages of Banking in Grenada

Grenada is a common law country that follows a similar law structure to that you will find in the UK. This means your money is safe in a Grenada bank and you can rest assured that you have the law on your side when practicing your business activities through your offshore bank in Grenada.

Some of the advantages that come with opening an offshore bank account in Grenada are:

  1. Enable easy payment and receipt of funds for your offshore company
  2. Unlock investment options to use such as shares, bonds, and others.
  3. Gain financial diversification
  4. Enable your company to apply for financial aid tools such as loans or grants
  5. Enable streamlined global transfers of funds
  6. Enhance the brand of your offshore company
  7. Advanced tax planning capabilities

Grenada: the ultimate offshore company destination — Migronis

Bank Account Requirements

To open a bank account in Grenada you will need civil documents such as ID cards or passports, proof of address, proof of residence or lack of, minimum deposit as directed by the bank, a completed registration form, and any other documents the bank may request from you depending on your situation.

To open an offshore bank account for your company you will need:

  1. Company registration certificate
  2. Incorporation certificate
  3. Share certificate
  4. Company license
  5. Filled registration form
  6. Delegated signatories (agent if applicable)
  7. ID documents for the shareholders
  8. Proof of address
  9. A personal bank account information of one of the shareholders
  10. Any other documentation for the person or company  as requested from the bank

This simplicity makes it easier to open a personal and corporate offshore bank account in Grenada than it is in many other companies in the world.

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Which are the banks used for offshore accounts in Grenada?

There are a multitude of banks one can choose from to open an offshore bank account in Grenada. These banks operate lawfully within the Caribbean nation and offer luxury services to both local and foreign investors. Here are some of the most popular banks in Grenada for offshore banking and offshore services:

  1. Bank of Nova Scotia located in St. George’s
  2. First Caribbean International Bank located in St. George’s
  3. RBTT bank located in St. George’s
  4. Grenada Co-operative Bank  located in St. George’s
  5. National Commercial bank located in St. George’s

Investors can contact these banks in English as it is the national language of Grenada and is the main business language there. This makes it perfect for international companies conducting international business.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I register an offshore company in Grenada?

Yes, registering a Grenada offshore company is simple and yields great results such as financial diversification, capital protection, and reduced taxation.

Are offshore companies in Grenada taxed?

Offshore companies in Grenada can apply for tax exemption for 20 years.

Is Grenada a tax haven?

Yes. Grenada imposes no global income tax, inheritance tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, stamp duties, and in the case of non-residents no interest or dividends tax.


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