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How to get a residence permit in Portugal with 100% ROI — a hot offer from Royal São Paulo Hotel

01 September 2021

The real estate market has never been hotter. The new investment company Investareum by Aureum Group recently announced a lucrative offer — getting a residence permit by investing in the Royal São Paulo Hotel.

This luxury resort is based in the medieval monastery in the royal Vila Viçosa. It is a perfect option for people seeking a residence permit with the Portugal Golden Visa program through real estate investments. The starting price is €280,000 only. And right now, the offer is one of the best on the market.

How does it work?

You buy a share in the hotel.

The starting price is €280,000.

2. You apply for a residence permit

(6-8 months).

You earn a profit

3-4% per annum in 5 years, from the first year of ownership.

You save your money on your taxes.

The developer covers your IMT and IMI taxes.

You get European citizenship.

You benefit from the hotel.

7 days a year you can stay at the hotel for free.

You get a return on investments.

The developer guarantees a 100% return on investment by offering buyback.

Royal São Paulo Hotel

Royal São Paulo is a 5-star hotel consisting of 100 suites, a spa, a restaurant, two outdoor pools, and an indoor pool. The leisure activities range from yoga classes and gym to a wine cellar and library.

The hotel is based in an iconic building constructed as a monastery in 1590 in the center of Vila Viçosa. This municipality, a jewel of the Alentejo, is located 1.5 hours east of Lisbon, near the Spanish border.

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, a famous Thai premium hotel chain, will manage the project. Anantara is a Minor Group brand and has the perfect concept to give the hotel a vibrant, modern, and sophisticated atmosphere. It owns such well-known brands as Marriott, Four Season, and over 500 different hotels in 55 countries worldwide.

Отель Royal São Paulo

Отель Royal São Paulo

Отель Royal São Paulo

Отель Royal São Paulo

Our client Peter Chernyshov, the former President at Kyivstar and Carlsberg, managed to visit Vile Vicosa with Anatoly Letaev, the founder of Migronis. An accomplished businessman assessed the prospects for Royal São Paulo.

How to get a residence permit in Portugal with 100% ROI — a hot offer from Royal São Paulo Hotel — Migronis

Peter Chernyshov

Investor, the former President at Kyivstar

A significant advantage is the object structure — walls, floors, a vast territory look good. The building has a long history. I’ve seen the project; it is great. It will be a beautiful 5-star hotel.

Another one is the hotel management agreement by Anantara, which is already available at Migronis. Anantara is a renowned Thai hotel chain with lots of objects in Asia and Europe. So I feel that people know their business.

I’ve met the company co-owner in person. He makes a good impression of the smart guy. Besides, he has four citizenship.

So I believe the hotel will be built, possibly slightly behind schedule. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic affects the timing in the real estate market. The only thing is the hotel is not appropriately filled; those who buy the share will not be paid a guaranteed income, which is 3-4% per annum now. So there is a small risk.

Another thing is that this concern does not affect the receipt of a residence permit.

Everything investors should know

You buy a share in the hotel for €280,000. The deal gives you a legal claim to be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa. The share price is €70,000 lower than the standard minimum investment provided by the Portuguese residence permit programs.

Furthermore, the developer guarantees 100% return on investment and offers a stake buyout with a full refund. Investment in this project assumes a yield of 3-4% per annum. Thus, investing in Royal São Paulo perfectly matches those who want to obtain a Portugal residence permit and quickly and easily make money.

Fast facts

  1. The total market value of the project ≈ €27,000,000
  2. Invited: 75 investors.
  3. An object of the purchase: a share in a hotel.
  4. Investment: €280,000.
  5. Resale: the developer will buy out the investor’s share in the 5-year holding period.
  6. Return on investment: 100%.
  7. A yield: 3-4% per annum.
  8. A residence permit: buying a share in this hotel entitles you to get a Portuguese residence permit under the Golden Visa program.


Additional expenses:

  1. VAT on renovation — 6%
  2. Stamp duty — 0.8% of the property value
  3. Notarial expenses
  4. Notarial acts in an embassy
  5. Public ledger
  6. Notary certification (+VAT)
  7. A service of fiscal representative for 6 years
  8. Deposit service commission (+ VAT)
  9. Archaeological fee for the preservation of memorial structures.

Vila Viçosa is a royal village

Vila Viçosa is a municipality in the District of Évora close to the Portuguese-Spanish border. It is known as the “Princess of Alentejo” for a good reason. Founded in the age of the Roman Empire, Vila Vicosa was also the capital of the Duchy of Bragança.

Вила Висоза

How to get a residence permit in Portugal with 100% ROI — a hot offer from Royal São Paulo Hotel — Migronis

Королевский замок Вила Висоза

Церковь Вила Висоза

Дева Мария в Виле Висозе

Внутри королевского дворца


Benefits of the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program:

  1. Residence permit for the whole family
  2. EU citizenship in five years
  3. Visa-free access to 26 Schengen countries
  4. A free state school for children
  5. High-quality medical care for parents
  6. Health insurance of €200-700 per year
  7. A minimum period of residence — only seven days a year
  8. No global income tax for up to 10 years
  9. Life in a safe and peaceful country.


Why this offer?

Royal São Paulo is a perfect choice for people looking for a Portugal residence permit and making money. The 5-star hotel is a great option to return on investment in 5 years with the lowest minimum amount and spend some time in a splendid place.

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