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Offer to Purchase Saint Lucia Covid-19 Relief Government Bonds Ends in December 2020

08 December 2020


Back in the spring, when the whole world faced the lockdown due to COVID-19, the government of Saint Lucia significantly eased the conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment. The offer is about to expire. This promotional option can be taken advantage of until December 31.  However, submitting an application and a set of documents requires time (at least 14 days) and it should be taken into account. Don’t miss your chance to get Caribbean citizenship at the minimum expense!

Preferential Government Bonds in Saint Lucia

Covid-19 Relief Government Bonds have a maturity term of 5-7 years (depending on the investment amount and the number of dependents). Bond purchasing enables investors to spend half that they would spend taking advantage of the regular effective offer. The cost of preferential quarantine period government bonds is US$ 250,000. These are interest-free government securities with a fixed maturity term. Furthermore, an applicant is not charged a processing fee. These bonds are registered in the applicant’s name and are kept for a specified period of time from the date of the first issue.

Government Bonds in Saint Lucia

Purchasing of Covid-19 Relief Government Bonds enables an investor to submit the following types of applications:

  1. Personal application with one applicant indicated: its cost is US$ 250,000. Securities retention period shall be 5 years.
  2. Family application with one dependent (for example, a child or spouse): its cost is US$ 250,000. Securities retention period shall be 6 years.
  3. Family application with up to four dependents:

Charges and state fees

While filing an application, the main applicant shall pay a fee of US$ 30,000, and an additional amount of US$ 15,000 for each dependent.

  1. Payment of a non-procedural fee in the amount of up to US$ 2,000.
  2. Commission of a certified agent in the amount of US$ 15,000.

Please note: regular investment options do not cease to be effective during the validity period of the promotional offer described above.

Investment options for obtaining Caribbean citizenship

Caribbean passport You can get a Saint Kitts passport for yourself and your family members through one of the following investment offers effective since 2015:

  1. Non-refundable donation to the NEF in the amount of US$100,000.
  2. Purchase of real estate (only approved projects) for at least US$ 300,000.
  3. Purchase of 5-year government bonds for the amount of at least US$ 500,000.
  4. Investment in a business on the island in the amount of at least US$ 3,500,000.

A Caribbean passport offers a foreigner many opportunities. The main one is visa-free travel throughout more countries of the world. If you wish to learn more details, please fill in our Contact Us form or message us in the chat window. It is worth reminding that a Caribbean passport by investment is also offered by:

  1. Dominica.  Its CBI program is recognized as the most investment-attractive program by annual ratings. It stipulates a government fund donation in the amount of US$ 100,000 or purchase of a real estate for the amount of at least US$ 200,000.
  2. Antigua and Barbuda. This program is popular among family applicants. The investment amount for the application with 4 people is US$ 100,000 only.
  3. Saint Kitts and Nevis. The program stipulates investments in the amount of US$150,000+.
  4. Grenada. Investment amounts shall be from $ 150,000, the document processing takes up to 5 months.
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