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Business & Taxes
08 June 2022

Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Program In Portugal

The Portugal NHR tax regime is a hugely successful scheme that offers lucrative tax breaks for foreign residents.

Stasy Labiskvi
31 May 2022

Airlines start direct flights from 42 US cities to Dominica

American Airlines now has direct connectivity from 42 cities in the United States. Due to these changes, Dominica is going to diversify its tourism sector and eliminate multiple barriers, Associated Press reports.

Natalia Buyak
Business & Taxes
30 May 2022

Overview of taxes in Europe

The financial framework throughout the EU is one of the most complex and comprehensive regulatory systems in the world. It has provided the roadmap for free trade and economic growth

Kemal Nicholson
18 May 2022

Lifestyle perks & great tax benefits: Buy apartments in Algarve and get a Portuguese residency in reward! 

Stasy Labiskvi
16 May 2022

Madeira — in the spotlight of the worldwide bitcoin investors

The speech of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference created quite a stir.

Stasy Labiskvi
11 May 2022

Visa-Free Countries for Turkish Passport holders

The Turkey passport is highly popular among foreigners. This proves the fact that only in the first half of 2021 10,000 people applied for Turkish citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment program.

Stasy Labiskvi
29 April 2022

Why do crypto traders move to Portugal? An inspirational story of the «Bitcoin family»

«Bitcoin family» Taihuttu has decided to emigrate to Portugal due to its favorable tax regime and a 0% tax on cryptocurrencies. This story has become viral.

Stasy Labiskvi
27 April 2022

The safest countries in Europe

In our time of turbulence and uncertainty, the question of safety largely dictates where you will live, grow up children, store assets, and simply enjoy your every moment of living.

Stasy Labiskvi
26 April 2022

Grenada citizenship through real estate investment: all you need to know

Grenada’s popular citizenship by investment program constantly attracts investors from all around the globe who wish to obtain a commonwealth citizenship and passport that grants them visa-free access to 144 countries on the map.

Kristina Kurkuliak
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