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Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year

08 November 2021

Porto Montenegro features a wide range of luxury Montenegro properties, which offer the potential for an attractive return on investment and a reliable income stream. This is the ultimate choice for those seeking impeccably crafted homes in a premier European destination with an opportunity for Montenegro citizenship on selected properties until January 2022.

And here, Boka Place is quite a good option.

Boka Place is the new urban quarter within Porto Montenegro, a commercial and residential center with a hotel, cafes, shops, galleries, private residences, green outdoor areas, and much more!

Investing in Boka Place allows you to get involved with the Montenegro CBI Program, which is valid only until the end of 2021. A Montenegrin passport is one of the most profitable investments on the market!

How does it work?

You buy one of the luxurious Porto Montenegro apartments. Investment amount — from € 450,000 

You pay the government fee — €100,000 

You obtain a Montenegrin passport.  The processing time is about 6 months 

You make profits on luxury real estate. The village apartments can be rented under the management of the hotel SIRO 

Live on the Adriatic coast, in the best part of the luxury marina Porto Montenegro

You get the prospect of becoming an EU citizen. EU membership expected in 2025

Benefits of Montenegrin Citizenship

  1. Montenegro could join the EU by 2025
  2. No need to give up the main citizenship (only for participants of the Montenegro CBI Program)
  3. Visa-free and visa on arrival access to 124 countries
  4. One of the lowest capital gains taxes in Europe — 9%
  5. An opportunity to get an E-2 visa to the USA
  6. Make profits on real estate. The apartments can be rented under the management of the hotel SIRO
  7. Enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Coast

We have prepared for you a complete guide on obtaining Montenegrin citizenship, all the advantages for investors, and a comparison of objects approved for the passport program.

Boka Place — Pave the way to your future

Boka Place is a new urban quarter in Porto Montenegro built with care and attention to detail, which has grown in Tivat, the harbor of Porto Montenegro.

Boka Place is a new ambitious project of ICD – Investment Corporation of Dubai. The famous investment firm owns brands like One & Only Resorts, Emirates airlines, Emirates NBD bank, and many other projects. It has an impeccable reputation.

“The gateway to a life less ordinary”

This is the motto of this place and the way how Boka Place is described on the official site of Porto Montenegro.

Boka Place is built on a hill, 200 meters from the sea coast. With busy shops and cafés, the world’s first 5-star hotel SIRO is an attractive center of the whole project. Furthermore, there are five residential properties close to SIRO, three of which – Mistral, Ostro, and Sirocco – participate in the Citizenship-by-Investment program.

There are 144 SIRO-managed apartments — from suites to duplexes and penthouses. A difference in prices allows you to obtain Montenegrin citizenship in exchange for different investment options.

For example, you can buy a penthouse for €900,000 and share the costs with another investor. This enables you to pay only €450,000, which empowers you to get Montenegrin citizenship with much less expense. Another option is to buy an apartment for €290,000 (a minimum price for apartments). The developer adds a parking space and a furniture box so that the whole sum would be €450,000 (the required amount to get Montenegrin Citizenship).

This is a unique offer since you can live in the purchased apartments all year round. By contrast, other resorts here allow only a limited-time stay by prior arrangement.

At the same time, if the investor wants to make money and return his investment, he can rent the apartment under the management of the SIRO hotel. This is an effective passive investment strategy; the real estate management team will take care of everything and oversee all the processes.

Boka Place
Boka Place
Boka Place
Boka Place

Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year — Migronis

Ksenia Grishchenko

Head of the Russian Office

Boka Place is ideal for people who want to obtain Montenegrin citizenship and invest in a reliable project.

Here are some arguments in favor of this statement:

  1. Porto Montenegro is a high-quality mark, which is an absolute guarantee of real estate demand in this place
  2. Market prices. This allows you to wait for predictable profits from the resale
  3. The apartments are suitable for living all year round. You also can rent your real estate, which gives you the freedom to think what’s the best option
  4. The flexibility of options. Apartments cheaper than the minimum threshold for participation in Montenegro CBI Program can be purchased together with a parking space and a furniture box. This makes the required amount

A Montenegrin passport is the one of great demand. Montenegro will stop its Citizenship-by-Investment program by the end of this year. The Montenegrin passport is the golden way to pave the way to EU citizenship and a better quality of life!

It is obvious that there is no guarantee that Montenegro would be a part of the EU. But we see that the country has made great progress. In particular, it was the passport program of Montenegro that made it possible to raise a fairly large amount of funds for the repair of roads and various infrastructure complexes. This, in turn, allows the country to comply with EU requirements.

Everything investors should know

Kerzner Hotel Group offers to invest from €450,000 in luxury apartments, which gives the right to obtain a passport of Montenegro.

Note! A property value is slightly different from the minimum investment amount under the citizenship program. This proves the reliability of this project, which meets the demands of the real estate market.

If you buy an apartment for less than €450,000, the developer will offer to purchase a furniture box and a parking space to match the cost of the citizenship program.

The investor gets a Montenegrin passport after paying a non-refundable contribution to the state fund of €100,000. The time of processing — 2-6 months.

Fast facts

An object of the purchase: apartments

Required investment amount: €450,000

An opening date: 2023

Resale: possible. Citizenship is retained

A yield: ≈5%

Living: all year-round

The issuance of a passport: Boka Place is approved by the Government of Montenegro to participate in the Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Additional costs: state fees for registration of citizenship

Recurring costs: annual property tax — 0,44% from property cost, according to the local cadastral office. Rental management costs — from 44 to 48 euros per year per square meter (twice as low as in other residences of Porto Montenegro)

Porto Montenegro is the second Monte Carlo

This exclusive marina and yachting paradise is all you need to meet your needs and desires. This complex was built with the participation of the legendary Rothschild billionaires Bernard Arnault and Sandor Damiani. Besides, Tivat boasts the largest marina for superyachts in the Mediterranean.

Entertainment: Fashion shows, musical concerts, wine tasting, luxury brands — life in Porto Montenegro is indefatigable. This is the only place in Montenegro where Rolex, Gucci, Lamborghini, Cartier, Celine, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Kenzo, Victoria Beckham are presented.

Hobby: From the very beginning, Porto Montenegro was built as a world-class marina for superyachts. The port of Tivat is considered to be a jewel of the Adriatic Coast. Its also one of the best in the Mediterranean. Besides, this is the only superyacht marina that offers tax-free summer and winter berths in Montenegro (for example, France taxes a fee for this service).

Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year — Migronis
Porto Montenegro Marina
Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year — Migronis
Porto Montenegro Marina

Community: Join a premium multicultural, active community of freedom-unlockers, which offers various privileges to its members and holds closed events where people can meet and get acquainted in an informal setting.

In addition to this, Porto Montenegro Yacht Club (PMYC) is superior to the best yacht clubs in the world. Club members have access to the VIP gym, sports and tennis clubs, 64-meter outdoor pool, lounge area, Platinum nightclub, and much more.

Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year — Migronis
Porto Montenegro Yacht Club

Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year — Migronis

Education: The world-famous brand Knightsbridge Schools International has opened a school in Porto Montenegro, which offers an internationally recognized Bachelor‘s Degree Program. Children and adolescents from 3 to 19 years old are accepted.

Penthouse in the port of millionaires and European citizenship — a unique offer until the end of the year — Migronis
Boka Place quarter

Why is that a hot deal?

Boka Place is the only option to obtain Montenegrin Citizenship-by-Investment in the already finished residential complex.

There was no rush to create this neighborhood. And it was not built specifically for the citizenship program as it happens in other countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Migronis is your licensed agent, which has been helping to obtain Citizenship- and Residency-by-Investment in 20+ countries around the world.

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