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Portugese residence permit and real estate purchase with Migronis online service

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Migronis increased remote operations. Our clients can draw up documents and make investment purchases without putting their health and life at risk while remaining in their own country. Even under quarantine and self-isolation! Migronis is already working on a number of online cases.

The online process looks like this:

Step 1. Contact a Migronis consultant, discuss your personal goals and objectives and select the right solutions for you.

Step 2. Gather the necessary documents and prepare them for submission. 

Step 3. Obtain a tax number (the client is required to provide a copy of your passport and a document showing your address in English). Obtaining a tax number does not require your presence..

Step 4. Open a bank account (you’re required to provide a copy of your passport, a certificate of employment, a newly acquired Portugese tax number and a Russian tax number). This procedure will require you to visit the Portuguese Consulate, where your signature on the bank forms will be certified by diplomatic staff. A power of attorney is also issued for a remote purchase and sale transaction and the submission of documents for a Golden Visa on behalf of the client. The originals of these documents will be delivered to Portugal by courier service.

Step 5. As soon as the client’s personal bank account is opened, funds can be transferred from an account in another country.

Step 6. If you have chosen the most popular option for obtaining a Golden Visa through real estate investment, we will help you find your preferred type of properties, basic criteria and requirements for them.

Step 7. Search and select an investment from those available. As a rule, there will be several great options. Your representative from the real estate agency will go to the addresses, and everything will be shown to you in detail in an online broadcast with your preferred software.

Step 8. If the investment suits you, then the broker negotiates with the seller, finds out all the terms of the transaction, and generates a complete file of information on the property (taking into account the documented history: previous owners, any penalties, fines or other sanctions on the property, assessment of its current state, maintenance costs, liquidity, profitability and rentability calculations).

Step 9. A lawyer will go over the contract prepared by the seller and all other documents and approve the signatures.

Step 10. Transfer the funds for the property. Your representative, acting on your behalf by proxy, is involved in closing the transaction.

Step 11. Once the purchase is complete, you get all the documents and records registering the transaction on the transfer of ownership. The purchase papers need to be submitted to the Portuguese authorities when applying for a residence permit via investment.

✔ Migronis has all the resources to carry out these transactions under the current restrictions on movement due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Also, to avoid wasting time during quarantine, you can start the Golden Visa process:

  1. After consultation with a Migronis specialist, begin collecting and preparing documents for an application for the Portuguese residence permit through investment. The process will take about 15 days, so it can be started in parallel after transferring funds to an account in Portugal.
  2. Our company’s specialists thoroughly check the prepared documents, then the online application for a residence permit for a Golden visa can be submitted.
  3. After preliminary approval in 2-3 months (quarantine will be over by this time), the client will be invited to Portugal for fingerprints. Presence is required.
  4. Wait for the final approval of the residence permit and obtain your resident card. You do not have to be present for this. The card will be sent to you by an authorized person via international mail.
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