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“Second citizenship is the most coveted travel accessory for 2021:” Washington Post

09 November 2021

The Washington Post named the second passport the most coveted travel accessory for 2021 and the latest trend among wealthy American travelers.

What is second citizenship? Second citizenship means you are a citizen of two countries at the same time. This exclusive status offers freedom to travel without visas, tax-friendly countries, the opportunity to give your children a prestigious international education, and much more!

The benefits of dual or multiple citizenships are undeniably attractive for everyone. While you can enjoy the advantages of each country, all drawbacks are just left behind.

“Applications for second passports have risen sharply since the start of the pandemic,” writes Washington Post.

The benefits of second citizenship for the citizens of the USA

The question of getting a second passport is especially relevant for USA citizens. For a long time, the American passport afforded the privilege of hassle-free travel. But then, with the crippling taxes imposed by the government, all visa-free travel opportunities lost their value. Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans lost even global mobility, which caused a massive uptick in applications to other countries.

“The U.S. passport that once felt like a gift for travelers may feel like a burden,” says Washington Post. Some see it as a kind of insurance policy, a way to ensure freedom of movement in the future. Newfound free time at home has enabled others to engage in a laborious application process they have had on their to-do lists for years,” The New York Times highlights.

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“Second citizenship is the most coveted travel accessory for 2021:” Washington Post — Migronis

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