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The safest countries in Europe

27 April 2022

In our time of turbulence and uncertainty, the question of safety largely dictates where you will live, raise children, store assets, and simply enjoy your every moment of living. Today security is a decisive factor. The world is changing rapidly. And countries, which were earlier considered as safest destinations, are not one anymore. Travel and relocation are ramping up. Businesses fastly move out, and the only question that matters is where to go? With this thought in mind, let’s dive into 2022’s version of the safest places.

Based on the several authoritative sources, we have selected the safest countries in Europe for you, identifying locations, which have political stability, low crime rate, high standard of living, a high level of trust in the police force, a lack of tension between social and economic classes, and many other considerations. These are the best destinations in Europe in terms of safety and low crime rates.

The safest countries in Europe — Migronis

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Top 10 safest countries in Europe to live


By no means, Iceland is at the forefront of the most peaceful destinations in Europe. With its small size, this country is proud to be the sasafest country not only among the European countries, but in the whole world! To prove this point, one can note that police officers do not carry guns here.


To this day, Denmark is also considered one of the safest countries, according to Global Peace Index. Denmark swung into the Top Five due to the low crime and high healthcare spending. This means that tourists or citizens have little to worry about personal safety, violent crimes, and terrorism, and women need not fear harassment in public.

Furthermore, you’d be happy to know that Copenhagen has been named the world’s safest city (not only in Europe but in the whole world!). Being one of the best destinations to visit or live in, the capital of Denmark distinguishes itself with a narrow wealth gap, sustainable initiatives, and digital, health, and environmental factors.

The safest countries in Europe — Migronis

Read between the lines

Keep in mind that pickpockets still operate in public transport.

Portugal the best combination of climate and security

In addition to being a vibrant and culturally exciting place, Portugal is just the safest bet for those who seek security and the most peaceful region. It’s like the capital of safety in Europe. This fact is proven by Global Peace Index. Unexpected, isn’t it?

For several years in the raw, Portugal has been considered a heaven for peace of mind. And all this is due to the stable political system, democracy, minimal incidences of terrorist acts, good relations with neighboring countries, and many other considerations. It is also worth remembering that Portugal draws droves of tourists to its shores due to its fantastic natural environment. For example, the region of the Algarve has the best weather in Europe. In general, Algarve is a popular spot both for retirees and big families. And such destinations for tourists as Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto are extremely safe. The biggest risk to travelers here is pickpocketing. So choose your perfect city and enjoy yourself.

The safest countries in Europe — Migronis

Portugal remains outside the routes taken by migrants and refugees. Therefore, unlike many other countries in Europe, immigration is not a highly divisive political issue in this nation. In addition to this, one should not forget that Portugal is a choice for many — retirees, start-ups, or crypto lovers. Portugal is versatile. 

To prove this point, one can give an example of the US entrepreneur John Bandak who relocated to Portugal from the US for retirement. He never worries about leaving his house unlocked. At the same time, while being in the US, it wasn’t so easy: “I lived in a really nice and expensive neighborhood. I bought a big expensive house and once left the garage door open. As a result, somebody stole my bicycle.”

So…how safe is Portugal really? While Portugal is a country with almost no risk of mugging, scamming, etc., it is always important to use common sense, which should keep you out of any trouble.

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Azore islands — the safest place to visit and stay

At 900 miles west of mainland Europe, the Azore islands are too far from evil in the world. Distance insulates them from terrorism and other fearful crimes. People leave their doors unlocked and go out doing their own business. They let their kids play outside all day with almost no worries. Just think about Flores Island, which is the most western part of the mainland. Here you will feel safe at any time of the day.

Azores Archipelago consists of 9 islands: Santa Maria, São Miguel, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Corvo and Flores. According to the European Best Destination, the Azores has the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Azores and Madeira — Best choice for 2022

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The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis
The safest countries in Europe — Migronis


Slovenia is quite unknown country, so it may be a surprise that it presented itself well in terms of security, road safety, and medical risks. It was just one of the few Eastern European countries, which has become a pretty peaceful state that could enjoy a really excellent reputation.


According to World Population Review and Global Peace Index, Austria is one of the world’s peaceful regions. Most recent surveys say that violent crime and homicides are almost unnoticeable in comparison with other countries. With respect to Vienna, this place has a very low crime rate, being considered one of the safest cities in Europe. Such crimes as homicides, sexual assaults, and robberies are almost absent. The most common crimes experienced by travelers are purse/wallet snatching.

What differentiates Austria from other countries is that even small towns are safe all year round. Austria is not inhabited by harmful animals. What is more, it is also proud of guaranteeing equal treatment to all population categories.


For years, Switzerland was ranked as one of the most secure places in the world. Historically, this country was neutral in times of war. It is interesting that Switzerland is a safe country in all categories (political unrest, road safety, etc.).

The safest countries in Europe — Migronis


According to Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, “The annual Visitor Attitude Survey shows that, from a wide range of factors that might influence the choice of a holiday destination, one of the most important factors (as well as friendliness and scenery) for overseas visitors when choosing Ireland is safety and security.” Gibbons also continues that”Personal safety when visiting Ireland is generally not a concern for overseas visitors.”

 Czech Republic

Chech Republic is one of the most safest destinations in Eastern Europe. Rostislav Vondruška, director of the Czech tourism agency believes that “Security in the country is a crucial factor for tourism and I am very happy that the Czech Republic excels so well in this respect.”


Finland is also in the list of the safest destinations. in Europe. Having a low homicide rate, this country has only rare incidents of mugging, pickpocketing, or dangerous driving.


Crime rates in Norway are low even in big cities like Stavanger or Oslo. The most part of Norwegians believe in political stability in their country, and “90% feel safe when walking home alone at night.”

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Terrorism-free countries

Terrorism still remains one of the major threats to the global world. And finding safe destinations for a trip or long-term living is not an easy task.

While being one of the safest destinations to live and travel, Portugal is immune from terrorism attacks, either domestic or international, according to Global Terrorism Index 2022. Furthermore, there is no political group in this country that advocates political violence.

The safest countries in Europe — Migronis

Here is a list of all TOP 10 terrorism-free countries.

  1. Slovenia
  2. Slovakia
  3. Serbia
  4. Portugal
  5. Poland
  6. North Macedonia
  7. Montenegro
  8. Latvia
  9. Iceland
  10. Hungary

Safest European countries for LGBTQ

Being a member of the LGBTQ community, you may always wonder whether the place you are moving to LGBT friendly or not. Unfortunately, not all countries are accepting and totally safe. Various beliefs heavily impact sexual and gender minorities, and this is generally linked to physical and mental health problems and deterioration of quality of life.

The safest countries in Europe — Migronis

So, what are the safe destinations for LGBTQ? The study conducted by Asher & Lyric considered such factors:

  1. Same-sex marriage rights
  2. Worker protections
  3. Discrimination protections
  4. Criminalisation of violence
  5. Adoption recognition
  6. Illegal same-sex relationships
  7. Moral laws

Advances in equality laws have placed Portugal among the TOP three countries, which received an A-grade safety ranking (out of 175). A nice bonus for the country, does it?

And here is a list of all ten safest destinations for LGBTQ people where you can enjoy a nice trip:

  1. Norway
  2. Portugal
  3. Belgium
  4. The United Kingdom
  5. Finland
  6. France
  7. Spain
  8. Sweden
  9. Malta
  10. Netherlands

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What European country has the lowest crime rate?

As it was stated above, Portugal is the safest country in Europe. This honorary title country bears for many years. According to the Global Peace Index, it has the lowest crime rates, being ranked far higher than France, Spain, or other nations. What’s more, this country does not leave the first lines of this ranking (which is published annually) since 2016!

“Portugal registered, in 2020, the lowest crime indicators since the current registration model existed, more than 30 years ago. And it is important to remember that this was achieved in a year as difficult as this the pandemic that, in many countries, contributed to the increase in conflicts and to the increase of some forms of crime,” Eduardo Cabrita, a Portuguese legal professional and politician says.

So the only thing you have to worry while being in Portugal is whether you want a beautiful walk in Lisbon or Porto.

Global Peace Index

OK, we’ve done with Europe, and what about the whole world? Here are the ten most peaceful countries and best destinations to reside and travel to, according to the Global Peace Index.

  1. Iceland
  2. New Zealand
  3. Denmark
  4. Portugal
  5. Slovenia
  6. Austria
  7. Switzerland
  8. Ireland
  9. Chech Republic
  10. Canada

Is it safe to live in Eastern Europe?

Due to the most recent events, people are feeling uncertain about traveling to Eastern Europe. But are these concerns justified?

More likely yes than no. Unfortunately, Eastern Europe is not on the list of the safest places now. While most part of this region still remains safe, no one knows what will be in the future. So right now it is better to choose other destinations. Some travel agents say about “nervousness” from customers, as travelers are hesitant about where to go now. The question of living in Eastern Europe completely went off the grid. “The conflict could add much pressure to an already challenging economic environment and weigh on travel demand in 2022,” according to the UN World Tourism Organisation.

What is the most unsafe country in Europe?

As it currently stands, the USA is asking American travelers to avoid Belarus. Canada also warns against traveling to Ukraine. Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK puts Russia on this list as well.  So these are the most unsafe countries to visit due to the ongoing war. According to a recent survey, about 62% of US citizens are worried that the invasion would spread to nearby countries in the world. Other respondents want to see how the situation evolves. So if there is a nervousness’ around booking holidays, then there could be no question of relocating to Eastern European countries now. Just out there.

We should probably add that Portugal is also a good choice because it’s located far away from any political conflicts that take place right now in European countries. Especially from Eastern Europe, which is also of large importance.

Is Europe safer than the US?

The stats show that the European region has less violent crime and fewer gun deaths than the US. Perhaps, that’s bad news for those who choose this country to visit. The Institute for Economics and Peace puts the US only on 65 place in terms of safety, so this nation goes after a long list of European countries. In winter 2022, such a big city center as New York has seen a 58.7% increase in overall index crime (if compared to winter 2021). Complicating matters further, The New York Police Department tracked increases in almost every crime category. For example, murders increased by 10%. According to Christopher Herrmann, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, “The huge increase in hate crimes and subway crimes are all really just an increase of more people being outside.” From all the above, one can conclude that the US may not be considered one of the world’s safest countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest country in Europe?

Iceland is one of the European best destinations in terms of safety. This fact can be proven by the absence of terrorism, low rates of murder, sex crimes, and thefts.

What is the most unsafe country in Europe?

Right now, the most unsafe countries are Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. These places are not on the list of safest destinations due to the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Which European city is the safest?

The beautiful city of Copenhagen is the number one city in terms of safety.

Which is the best European country to live in?

While considering European best destinations, we can pay attention to so many factors! The final decision could be various. However, if we set ourselves a goal to find the safest country where you can have a trip right now (f.e. from the ten safest countries), then it should definitely be Portugal!


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