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The top 6 European Golden Visa Programs in 2022

Migronis Blog
04 July 2022


Europe is an increasingly popular destination for the world’s ultra-high net worth families. China, Hong Kong, India, Brazil, and even the UK continue to experience a steady loss of millionaires. The number of US investors looking for an insurance policy in an increasingly turbulent domestic market increases every year. Many Americans choose to relocate to secure a safer family environment, protect their civil rights and face less discrimination. Recent US Supreme Court decisions have further accelerated this decision to look for alternatives. 

Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, Italy, and Cyprus are the six countries offering the most popular Golden Visa Programs that could help you get residency in a safe European country.  

The top 6 European Golden Visa Programs in 2022 — Migronis

Ilana van Huyssteen-Meyer 

Ilana van Huyssteen-Meyer, Migronis Group’s Head of Private clients, has drawn up a table that will help you to determine which Golden Visa program works best for your family. 

 «When you have done your research and compared all the programs, it is important to sit down and think about what your priorities are and what it is you are trying to achieve. Are you relocating or simply creating future options? Once I have discussed the pros & cons and the practicalities of all the programs, we often come full circle back to Portugal.»

Ilana’s table will show you all the programs’ pros and cons so that you can compare them according to your own goals:  

  1. Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program  
  2. Greece Golden Visa  Program 
  3. Spain Residence by Investment Program  
  4. Malta Permanent Residence Program 
  5. Cyprus Permanent Residence Program 
  6. Italy Residence by Investment Program

Do you want to know the differences between these programs? 

This guide is your basic must-have comparisons to help make your decision

Ilana van Huyssteen-Meyer has a wealth of experience in the financial services markets globally, specifically in the areas of wealth management, international real estate investment, and cross-border financial structuring. Ilana has lived and worked in South Africa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London & Kenya. 

Ilana has worked in the Portuguese golden visa and real estate market for many years and has built an excellent network of real estate developers, fund managers, and service providers to offer the best service to her clients. She has extensive experience in the Caribbean investment migration market. 

Ilana will share comprehensive information about citizenship and residency by investment migration options on the Migronis YouTube channel. The first issue was dedicated to the Portugal golden visa program. 

Watch & Enjoy! 

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