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Top 5 villas to buy to get Cyprus permanent residency

19 November 2018

This European resort attracts the attention of potential investors thanks to the favorable business climate, but there is so much more to it. Buying residential property in Cyprus is a strategic move, because not only do you get a home in an EU country, but also a valuable asset, the cost of which increases annually. Moreover, you may obtain the status of a permanent resident, and to apply for citizenship after seven years.
In the global ranking of the safest countries, Cyprus ranks 5th, in the rating of economic freedoms, it ranks 14th.
Read more about the advantages of the permanent residency of Cyprus, as well as the best offers of the Cyprus property market.

Permanent residency in Cyprus by investment: top 7 advantages

Adonis Beach Villas

Adonis Beach, the modern villa complex spread along the coastline, is attracting wealthy buyers with its well thought-through location – the busy harbor of Paphos and the Coral Bay with white sandy beaches are within the walking distance.
The complex was designed for you to enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque landscapes of nearby locations. Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, historical sights are all in close proximity to the villas.
The complex is a sample of modern Mediterranean architecture built in accordance with European quality standards, equipped with open terraces, spacious areas for recreation and cooking, ground parking, landscaped gardens.
There are 62 buildings with the size ranging between 160m2 to 370m2, valued at estimated €750k and above.

Apollo Beach Villas

The luxurious Apollo Beach Villas complex is located in the village of Chloraka, close to the beaches of Coral Bay and the city of Paphos. Whether you like dining in upscale restaurants, scuba diving, or playing golf – you will find your share of entertainment here.
Each villa has a recognizable Mediterranean design. Spacious rooms, wide panoramic windows, large terraces, jacuzzi baths on the roof – the houses are equipped with latest technology tools that guarantee a comfortable stay.
You can have the keys to your new beachfront Mediterranean home for €600k.

Coral Bay Villas

The village of Coral Bay Villas present 34 elite homes at the very edge of the sea. Each private villa has a swimming pool and spacious terraces. The number of bedrooms is usually 3-6. The size of sites varies from 140 to 650m2, and the cost starts at €455k.
Parts of the land are intended for additional construction; therefore, investors have a chance to build a villa of their dreams.

Polis Beach Villas

A small beachfront cottage complex Polis Beach Villas sits near the Chrysoku bay and the city of Polis. Open verandas, a swimming pool, colorful fireplaces, 3 bedrooms – all is ready for the owners to fully enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.
The villas have an exquisite individual design. Currently, there are only three exclusive houses on sale, equipped with furniture and modern appliances. The area of ​​each villa is about 130m2.
The cost of a private sector with a house just 50 meters away from the Mediterranean coast is as low as €385k.

Kamares Village

One of the main features of the Kamares Village is its location. You can see mountains and sea depths from every point, including a magnificent view of the city of Paphos.
Architectural traditions and innovative achievements join harmoniously within each cottage. Sports facilities, billiards, a medical center, restaurants and bars are all located within the realm of Kamares Village.
This is one of the most prestigious projects in the Eastern Mediterranean, and it suits the tastes of wealthy investors and most demanding buyers. The cost starts at €350k.
Owning an elite villa on the Mediterranean coast gives you the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Cyprus and qualify for a prestigious European passport.

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