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TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy

09 June 2022

One of the most essential aspects when considering buying second citizenship is the price of this endeavor. While the financial investments are generally quite significant, some countries offer their citizenships at reasonable prices.

For example, Saint Kitts and Nevis has a long-running Citizenship by Investment Program for $150,000 for one applicant. At the same time, investment requirements are much higher in countries like Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. The last one requires donating no less than €3 million to the government development fund. A big difference, isn’t it?

Cheapest countries to buy a citizenship

Most countries that allow getting second citizenship are linked to British Commonwealth. The power of the British Commonwealth stems from the fact that it includes 54 former British territories and is one of the world’s oldest political associations of states. Basically, you can become a Commonwealth citizen without uprooting, which is a definitive advantage.

Given this unique connection between the Commonwealth nations, it is helpful to understand the benefits enjoyed by Commonwealth citizens. First of all, it is vital to note global mobility. Because of the link with the UK, Commonwealth citizens do not need to waste their time on the hassles and bustles of getting a visa there. Other benefits may include tax optimization with zero taxes, education and business opportunities, and ‘Plan B’ security.

So what is the price of the exhilarating lifestyle?

Saint Kitts and Nevis

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

Saint Kitts and Nevis has the oldest citizenship program of its kind.

Starting at the end of the twentieth century, it was the first country worldwide that offered Citizenship-by-Investment to encourage migration. With its services from $150,000, it has become one of the most popular and cheapest programs, and this is hardly surprising; along with a vast majority of the lifestyle&tax perks, Saint Kitts and Nevis is also a crypto tax haven.

Currently, Saint Kitts and Nevis offer 4 options to get second citizenship in this country:

  1. Real estate investment in private homes — From $400,000
  2. Government-approved real estate project — From $200,000 (resealable after 7 years) or from $400,000 (resealable after 5 years)
  3. Non-refundable donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund. The starting investment in Sustainable Growth Fund is $150,000 for one applicant
  4. Alternative investment option — From $175,000 for a family up to 4

Park Hyatt in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Park Hyatt is a top-tier luxury brand offering 5-star residential-style luxury. It is located on the beautiful Caribbean island Saint Kitts and Nevis.

This is the only completed project under the CBI programs in the Caribbean.  A purchase of hotel shares is available for resale only.

Is Saint Kitts and Nevis lucrative for all?

Basically, the cheapest passport of St Kitts and Nevis suits everyone who wants to get visa-free access to 150+ countries and go tax-free (especially with crypto investments). However, Nevis’s citizenship is much more than that. The locals say about St Kitts and Nevis, “Two islands but one paradise,” and this is absolutely deservedly.

Named after Christofer Columbus, St Kitts and Nevis welcome its visitors with black sand beaches scattered along the northern and south-western coastlines. You will not find such places in other Caribbean countries.

Due to the crypto-friendly asset protection, Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship has quickly become a go-to option. Here cryptocurrency earnings are not taxed, and international banks are crypto literate. St Kitts and Nevis even have Bitcoin ATMs strewn around.

Check out the benefits of St Kitts and Nevis investment program:

  1. Favourable tax system
  2. Possibility to work and live in the USA or Canada due to the long-term visas
  3. Remote process
  4. The largest selection of real estate for investment
  5. In 2021, St. Kitts topped the ranking of countries with the best Citizenship-by-Investment programs
  6. Opportunity to get dual citizenship
  7. Absence of any language test or history exam
  8. Visa-free travel to 156 countries, including the UK, Schengen, Brazil, and Singapore

The passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis allows you to freely visit the Schengen Area, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong


Dominica has been ranked as the TOP program in the CBI industry for several years in a row. This country provides one of the fastest and cheapest routes to obtain citizenship and get a second passport. And residences at Jungle Bay or Secret Bay present a sound opportunity to do so.

Secret Bay — Experience of a lifetime

Investing in Secret Bay, one of the world’s most celebrated eco-luxury resorts recently named the “World’s Best Boutique Hotel,” is the surest way to get a powerful Caribbean passport!

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

Pick an investment that offers the best chance at achieving your goals!

  1. Donation to the national economic fund — From $100,000
  2. Real estate investment — From $200,000
  3. The minimum financial investment is $100,000. If you want to know a cost breakdown for obtaining Dominica's economic citizenship, this article may come in handy.

What is special about Dominica and Dominica's investment program?

Dominica citizenship provides one of the cheapest investment programs. The country has been nicknamed the "Nature Island of the Caribbean." This is because it was the last piece of land to be colonized by Europeans. One cool fact about Dominica is that Dominica has the second-largest boiling lake globally. Another one — Dominica's passport currently ranks in the 31st place with visa-free access to 143 countries.

Unlike other British colonies in the Caribbean, Dominica was never a Commonwealth realm, becoming a republic of independence. This country has African, English, French, and Calinago roots. From this follows, English is widely spoken here.

Dominica might also be a fascinating place for "Pirates of the Caribbean" lovers! Part of this film franchise was shooted here.

Check out the benefits of the Dominica investment program:

  1. Relatively low financial investment
  2. Dual citizenship
  3. Great business opportunities for foreign investors
  4. No language test or history exam
  5. Ability to pass your citizenship to future generations
  6. Dominica's currency is pegged to the US dollar
  7. Fully remote procedure
  8. Include all of your family members in one application
  9. Global mobility with visa-free access to 143 countries, including European Union, the United Kingdom, and China

The passport of Dominica allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program is one of the cheapest on the market. This program is highly appealing to those seeking dual citizenship and visa-free travel opportunities. The price of a second passport starts from $100,000, which is a relatively low sum compared to other investment schemes.

So what investment opportunities can you take to get the cheapest citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda?

  1. Investment in real estate — From $200,000
  2. Donation to the National Development Fund — From $100,000
  3. Investment in the West Indies Fund — From $150,000 for a families of 6 or more
  4. Business investment — From $400,000

And if you want to know more about the cost breakdown for obtaining an Antigua and Barbuda passport through investment, reach out to this article.

  • Double benefits: buy apartments in a Moon Gate Antigua and obtain Second Citizenship

  1. Invest $250,000 in a competitively priced, freehold property in a beautiful location and get Caribbean citizenship!
  2. Participate in an income-producing rental program or find a little piece of paradise living in a fascinating place!
  3. Choose and decide.
  4. Investment can be made jointly by two investors, qualifying two families for the CIP!

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

Why choose Antigua and Barbuda and its Citizenship by Investment Program?

With its growing multi-national population over the last decade and mesmerizing beaches, Antigua and Barbuda have become a hot spot for many celebrities. There is no other country, which can boost a beach every day of the year, but Antigua and Barbuda can do it without any effort.

There are many reasons why high-net-worth individuals want to obtain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

  1. The minimum investment to get a second passport  (compared to European countries)
  2. One of the most tax-friendly countries with no global income, dividends, wealth, and inheritance tax
  3. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is one of the cheapest economic citizenship programs
  4. Take all family members with yourself
  5. Get long-term visas to the USA and Canada
  6. Ability to hold dual citizenship
  7. No mandatory interview
  8. No need to know the language and history of the country. There is also no necessity to have education or business experience
  9. Low physical requirement
  10. Invest, live, and work in a paradise
  11. Business opportunities 
  12. Visa-free travel to 150 countries. This number includes the TOP business hubs, such as the UK and Europe's Schengen area

The passport of Antigua and Barbuda allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong

However, it is essential to note that the second citizenship of this country is not inherited and the fact that Antigua and Barbuda have double tax treaties with Germany and the UK.

Want to know more about medicine, education, and life in Antigua and Barbuda? Do not hesitate to reach out to this article. You can also compare two passport programs: Antigua and Barbuda VS Grenada or Antigua and Barbuda VS Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Grenada — Culinary Capital of the World

Grenada is a Commonwealth country, enjoying all of the benefits of being linked to the United Kingdom. Due to its Caribbean economic citizenship program, flourishing for years, it's ready to offer investment citizenship starting at $150,000.

Buy a cheap second passport with the following options:

  1. Government donation — From $150,000
  2. Real estate purchase — From $350,000 (sole proprietorship) or $220,000 (fractional ownership)

And if you want to know more about the cost breakdown for obtaining a Grenada passport through investment, reach out to this article.

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

Why choose Grenada?

Being a home to many spice plantations, Grenada is known as the "Culinary Capital of the world." It also has been named a "Spice of the Caribbean." The cuisine of this country is just a fusion of its cultural heritage. Here you can taste a healthy serving of the tri-island state’s organically grown spices, street food, casual beachside restaurants, and much more!

Apart from all the above, Grenada is ready to offer an intoxicating taste of the Caribbean.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment program stands out due to the following benefits:

  1. Long-standing visas to the USA and Canada
  2. Include close family members in one application
  3. The whole process of getting second citizenship can be completed without visiting a country
  4. Dual citizenship
  5. Favorable tax system. No capital gains, global income, dividends, wealth, and inheritance tax
  6. The ultimate offshore company destination
  7. No need to know the language of the country or its history
  8. Ability to visit a wide range of other countries

The passport of Grenada allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Singapore and China

Besides, if you want to know why Bangladeshi investors say “Yes” to Grenada Second Citizenship, reach out to this article.

Saint Lucia — Explore the awesome Caribbean lifestyle

Saint Lucia has a famous and well-reputed Caribbean economic citizenship program. Being launched in 2015, it provides the cheapest citizenship compared to the European Union countries. Acquiring citizenship in this country would cost at least $100,000, and getting a second passport is quite simple. You do not need to pass any language test or history exam. Your loved ones can join you in this exciting adventure, as Saint Lucia is one of those Caribbean countries which offer to add spouse, children, parents, etc.

So, how can you get the cheapest Citizenship by Investment in Saint Lucia?

Basically, this Citizenship by Investment program offers 5 options:

  1. Donation to the National Economic Fund — From $100,000
  2. Investment in government bonds (government securities) — From $500,000
  3. Investment in Privileged Bonds — From $250,000
  4. Investment in enterprise projects — From $1,000,000
  5. Real estate purchase — From $300,000

It is also important to remember about government fees, which are $30,000 in case of investing in government bonds.

And if you want to know more on the cost breakdown for obtaining a Saint Lucia second citizenship and second passport, reach out to this article.

Covid-19 Relief Bonds — one of the most affordable second passport options

Obtain a second passport at the lowest net cost and minimum legal and government fees. The bottom price — is $250,000
The offer is time-limited!

Saint Lucia — Helen of the West

There are many things Saint Lucia is known for. With Majestic Piton Mountains, which are among the most recognizable natural wonders of the West Indies, refreshing waterfalls, the only Caribbean drive-in volcano, pigeon island, and the Tet Paul Nature Trail, there is so much to explore!

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

Initially, Saint Lucia was known as the “Island of the Iguanas.” Despite that this island is only 43 kilometers long, it is the second largest of the Windward group, a popular place to visit for tourists worldwide. Considering that this place has a higher rate of population than other countries, it is better suited for those who like the feeling of being surrounded by people.

What are the benefits of Saint Lucia's cheapest Citizenship by Investment?

  1. Opportunity to get long-term visas to the USA and Canada
  2. Tax-friendly environment
  3. Investment in a local economy
  4. Tax optimization
  5. Hassle-free process of obtaining a second citizenship
  6. World’s best yachting location
  7. Fully remote procedure
  8. No physical residence requirement
  9. Retaining first citizenship
  10. Dual citizenship
  11. Visa-free travel to 146 other countries, including Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong, and Schengen states

The passport of Saint Lucia allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong

Why Americans choose St. Lucia citizenship

The island of St. Lucia is proudly known as one of the biggest Caribbean islands. The country’s business environment has attracted many immigrants from all over the world.

Benefits of living in St Lucia as a US expat

  1. Tax exemptions
  2. Low cost of living
  3. Proximity and connection to the USA
  4. Top-quality of life
  5. Beautiful Caribbean Island

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis


Can’t figure out which passport of the 5 Caribbean countries suits you best?

This guide will walk you through things to keep in mind, highlighting the most important advantages and differences of each country!


TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

TOP residency in Europe 2022

Europe is full of wonders. The incredible diversity of this place and its endless opportunities have attracted people for centuries. But can you acquire European citizenship? EU citizenship is indeed achievable, and the easiest way to get a European passport is through a European residency.

Besides, not people require European citizenship, for many a residency is also quite a good option. And as with Caribbean countries, the easiest way to get permanent residence is through Residency-by-Investment.


Portugal is a perfect place to spend your golden years if you like a carefree lifestyle and don't want to gamble with your savings. The Portugal Golden Visa Program has proven to be one of the best schemes in Europe and the best among other Golden Visa Programs as well. Due to the fast-track process, you can apply for European citizenship in as little as 5 years. Since its inception, thousands of people have successfully relocated to Portugal and started new lives. Portugal’s charm is irresistible. So country, which is called the darling heart of Southwestern Europe, welcomes investors worldwide.

Basically, applicants are offered 8 investment options to get permanent residency:

  1. Real estate purchase — From €280,000
  2. Investing in funds — From €500,000
  3. Capital transfer — From €1,500,000
  4. Investing in businesses — From €500,000
  5. Preservation of cultural heritage — From €250,000
  6. Investing in government stocks — From €500,000

As you can see, the cost of a Portuguese permanent residency starts from €250,000. This is a relatively low investment compared to other European countries. As mentioned above, the price of Austrian citizenship starts from €3 million. And Italy offers its residency for a minimum of €500,000, twice as much.

If you want to know everything about getting a permanent residence in this beautiful country, reach out to this guide.


Let’s see our best examples of Portuguese real estate and learn about conditions of funding to get the Portuguese Golden Visa! 

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

Why Portugal?

Being a one-of-a-kind culture, Portugal offers an exceptional lifestyle. As a result, this country makes the TOP three with the best quality of life.

Among all Portuguese regions, we want to give special consideration to Algarve. Algarve is a place for all. With the best climate in Europe and more than 300 sunny days, this place offers an outstanding quality of life. For several years in a row, Algarve has been elected the best place for retirees, and this is not just talking. The value of Algarve for elderly persons is proven by the US ratio based on scores from people 45 years or older. Just read the story of the USA entrepreneur who relocated to Portugal for retirement, and you will see it for yourself.

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis

However, Algarve is not just for senior citizens. Young and proactive entrepreneurs also have much to do there. According to the Post Office UK, the Algarve region has been considered the most affordable destination for British citizens. Algarve is also a center of crypto-life. For example, a famous "Bitcoin Family" has set its heart on the Portuguese white-sand beaches and attractive tax regime with a zero tax on cryptocurrencies. Basically, "Bitcoin Family" has created their own crypto village here, so living in Algarve for crypto lovers really makes sense.

Acquiring Portuguese permanent residence and a chance to become an EU citizen is possible due to the Portugal Golden Visa.

Benefits of a Portugal Golden Visa

  1. Beneficial tax regime NHR
  2. Low cost of living and healthcare
  3. Quality of education
  4. One of the most crypto-friendly countries
  5. Eligibility to apply for European citizenship
  6. Affordable investment options
  7. Better quality of life

And much more!


Despite that Montenegro is not still a member of the European Union (which is expected to change in 2025), it offers a less expensive citizen option than other European countries. The Montenegrin CBI Program requires making a defined economic contribution to the economy of the country.

Applicants can launch by making a mixed contribution:

  1. €200,000 — to the government fund
  2. €250,000 — investing in real estate

All properties should be approved by Montenegro. They are divided into ski resorts in the northern regions of the country and resort complexes in the south.

Why Montenegro?

Montenegro is an Adriatic gem. Being a relatively small country, it has a big heart with picturesque beaches, hospitable people, and breathtaking mountain ranges.

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy — Migronis
Porto Montenegro Marina

With some of the most rugged terrains in Europe, Montenegro was actually named for its mountains, as "Monte" means mountain in Italian. It has peaks higher than 1000 meters, the tallest of which is Zla Kolata at 2,535 m in elevation. It is also home to the highest Mausoleum in the world, the second deepest canyon globally, and the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. Sunseekers will be spoilt by the enormously rich choice. For many, the spectacular bays and dream beaches of Montenegro are among the best in the world, as the 295-kilometer coastline offers an incredibly wide range of phenomenal swimming opportunities.

It is worth especially noting the stunning beauty Bay of Kotor, one of the most distinctive landscapes anywhere in the Mediterranean, which is often called Europe’s most southernmost fjord.

Benefits of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

  1. One of the most favorable income tax rates
  2. No language test is required
  3. No physical residence requirements
  4. Lifetime citizenship
  5. Cheapest property prices in Europe
  6. Visa-free access to 125 countries, including the Schengen zone

The passport of Montenegro allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong

Final words

To sum up, it is essential to say that acquiring citizenship at $100,000 is entirely possible. As for the European residency, the lowest price is €250,000, and it is definitely worth it. So, once again, what is the cheapest passport to buy?

TOP 7 cheapest passports to buy

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Dominica
  3. Saint Lucia
  4. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  5. Grenada
  6. Portugal
  7. Montenegro

Of course, the question of where it is better to get a second passport is highly linked to personal preferences. However, these countries definitely deserve attention, as they have a lot to offer, including relatively low prices for upgrading your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best country to buy citizenship?

It is hard to name just one country, as it all depends on your budget and preferences. However, it is fair to say that Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia are the best and cheapest for buying second citizenship. As for the European countries, in Portugal, you can buy a residence permit at the lowest cost possible.

Which is the most accessible country to get citizenship?

In general, Caribbean countries offer the most simple and straightforward process of getting second citizenship.

What is the cheapest second passport?

The lowest price to get second citizenship is $100,000. And this price is offered by a few Caribbean countries, which also has many other benefits as well. Such are Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and St. Lucia.

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