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TOP 8 International schools in Cascais

21 June 2022

What do migrants look for in a new place of residence?

The relaxed pace of life, high-quality medicine, a decent income, friendly environment… this list can be endless.

However, when moving with children, it is also worth paying close attention to the quality of education. After all, the child’s success largely depends on their ability to enter a top university, get a higher education, and later find a well-paid job.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

Cascais is an option for many wishing to relocate and change their lifestyle for the better.

The tranquility you always craved, the infrastructure of a developed European city, reasonable real estate prices, and a high-quality medicine make a Cascais a perfect choice.

Being only 30-40 minutes from Lisbon by train, Cascais is a popular spot for locals and ex-pats equally

According to the Portugal City Brand Ranking, Cascais has topped an annual national economic performance ranking, which analyses living, business, and tourist conditions. Cascais ranks third out of 308 municipalities, giving the pas only to Lisbon and Porto, and this makes this place one of the most pleasant to live in and worth investing in.

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Education in Cascais is also at the very highest level. Here you can find many international schools that provide education according to Cambridge and Portuguese standards, as well as North American style education.

There is also a choice between public schools with a national curriculum and international schools with international Baccalaureate, academic oversight, and an opportunity to make use of a technology park in order to study innovative science.

We have made our own list of the best international schools in Cascais, the city where Anatoly Letaev, the founder of Migronis, chose to live.

PaRK International School

PaRK is an international British school, a member of Inspired, a leading international group of international schools operating in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

The largest British international school offers a modern approach in the best international school by rethinking traditional teaching methods, offering a British curriculum, and creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

This is the first school of the Inspired Education Group in Portugal, and it would be truly one of the best international schools in Portugal. Its opening will be in autumn (2022).

ParK International School in Cascais offers a British international education, being the first and only school in Portugal to provide the Cambridge Curriculum also for secondary education and the IB Diploma Program for Grades 12 and 13. There is also a nice bonus — bilingual education (for those interested). This is a perfect opportunity to dive into a multilingual world, get to know other international students, and study a foreign language.

The campus in Cascais will accept children from elementary school up to the 6th grade.

Santo Antonio International School (SAIS)

Santo Antonio International School (SAIS) is an international Christian School of Cascais in the heart of Estoril. This educational institution is increasingly global. It aims to “combine academic excellence with a caring family environment.”

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

The British school aims to enhance critical thinking skills in the learning processes and promote the students’ personal and professional development. This, in turn, helps preparing students to work successfully in various intercultural contexts. This is the right school for those who want to maximize potential and reveal abilities and talents by including the development of interdisciplinary communication skills for better academic achievement.

The challenging curriculum instills in each child the importance of the true value of learning; in this way, they can succeed in all future endeavors. The teaching methodology involves a limited number of students, so each one can get the attention they need from the teacher. Children are fully driven to express their opinion and take part in discussions.

SAIS accepts children of both sexes from any country, regardless of religion.

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Lisbon Montessori School. Be curious, self-directed, and engaged

The basis of education in this school is the world-famous methodology — a child-centered educational approach involving child-led activities and encouraging independence.

The Montessori philosophy orients the student toward the path of independent learning endeavors.


Teachers help children shape their personalities and develop learning mechanisms that will help them lead a conscious life and constantly learn. In addition, children gain confidence in making decisions by experimenting with scientifically designed practice materials.

Lisbon Montessori School caters to children aged 3 to 12. The school is currently preparing for primary school accreditation under the MSA-CESS program; it is also planning to launch an educational program for teenagers.

St. George’s School

St. George’s School gives children a junior education and not only that. In fact, this private school accepts children from 2 to 11 grades and can even give you a diploma programme (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme).

Together with St. James Primary School, this one of the best international schools in Portugal has developed a special curriculum for harmonious development.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

Curriculum focused on:

  1. Languages (English and Portuguese are in priority. English because it is an international language, and Portuguese is the main language in the country)
  2. Mathematics;
  3.  Natural Sciences.

From the 6/7 grades, students start learning a third language (French) and British history.

After that, from 8/9 grades, students start learning history, and later they can already study the basics of business, economics, computer technology, art, and physical education.

It is important that since 2022, this institution has been accepted as a Cambridge International School. This means that already in June 2022, the school’s first graduates will be able to take the IGCSE exams and continue further education in Cambridge.

Prime School International – Estoril

Prime School International is a unique international academic project implemented in close cooperation with Cambridge International Education (CIE) under the guidance of the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

The Cambridge curriculum of one of the best private schools in Portugal involves a lifelong education, covering primary and secondary levels and being a guide to the world’s TOP universities.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

The main goal of Prime School International is to promote personal fulfillment “through the convergence of the various human experiences obtained with the essential skills for personal development.”

Every day, students receive not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. Older children can also practice in specially equipped laboratory classes.

There is also an extra learning platform with classes in Career Programs, such as Marketing, Aviation, Programming, Cooking, Robotics, etc.

Saint Dominic’s International School

While founded in 1975, Saint Dominic’s International School is one of a few educational institutions offering elementary, middle, and high schools.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

Over the years, Saint Dominic’s International School was famous for having many different nationalities within the student population. This inclusive school practices the concept of learning both in and out of the classroom.

It is important that Saint Dominic’s International School is developing individualized education programs for students with learning difficulties and students taking their first steps in learning English. In addition, teachers are trying to find and nurture special talents in each and every student.


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TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis
TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

TASIS Portugal International School

Tasis Portugal is the recent addition to the TASIS family of schools mainly serving an American expatriate community. TASIS was founded in 1956 by M. Christa Fleming. The basis of Tasis programs is Mrs. Fleming’s educational principles reflected in the TASIS crest.

  1. The Tower is a symbol of culture
  2. The Lamp is a symbol of wisdom
  3. The Sun stands for truth
  4. The Book represents knowledge

TASIS Portugal orients students towards the pursuit of academic and personal excellence to become active global citizens and progressive leaders.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

TASIS Portugal is authorized by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Education through Direção Geral da Educação.

The programs of this educational institution are fully recognized both in Portugal and abroad. And if the student would like to transfer from or to the Portuguese National system, they will be granted equivalence as per the following DGE table.

Carlucci American Intl. School of Lisbon

Carlucci American Intl. School of Lisbon is a choice for those who wish to give their child an American education in an American international school.

While being accredited, it has permission to implement the American Curriculum for all grades (3rd to 12th) and operates as a dual American and International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

TOP 8 International schools in Cascais — Migronis

The American international curriculum allows students to transfer in and out of the Portuguese national system in the same grade, equivalent to 9th grade, so you can easily change your previous school to this one if you want to do so. CAISL is authorized to issue an American High School Diploma to students who complete all requirements successfully.

As the only school in Portugal with government support from the United States and one of a few American international schools here, CAISL is guided by the Regional Education Officer and the Office of Overseas Schools.

It also regularly makes field trips to ensure that the teaching methods and theoretical and practical content of the school’s courses are fully consistent with the education system approved in the USA.

Bottom line

So which school is better to send a child to? It is up to parents and their children to decide.

The best schools in Cascais not only seem respectable and interesting but are such.

The main feature of these educational institutions is absolutely modern educational system, which highly promotes student engagement and modern learning environments.

Today it is safe to say that the best schools in Cascais will certainly give a good education, preparing youngsters to leap into adulthood.


Does Portugal have international schools?

Yes, Portugal has many high-quality international schools. And many of the best international schools are in Cascais.

How much does an international school in Portugal cost?

Portugal international schools have a relatively low cost, as compared to other European countries. It is considered that the minimum amount you need to pay to study in international schools is 400 Euro. Of course, tuition fees for international schools in Lisbon would be higher.

Is there an American school in Portugal?

In fact. American schools are not so widespread as British schools. However, that does not mean that Portugal does not have American international schools at all. For example, Carlucci American Intl. School of Lisbon is one of the best international schools in Cascais with American education.

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