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Hi! I'm Anatoliy Lyetayev.
And moving with no limits is what I have been always striving for. 

Paying fair taxes. Making money in a safe and transparent environment. Achieving decent living standards for my family. I was looking for personal sovereignty, which I earned.

10 years ago, I became a resident by investment in Europe and Vanuatu. And today I:

  • travel around the world with no visas, borders, or limits
  • live in one of the 5 world’s safest countries 
  • run transparent and protected business in several countries
  • have a reduced tax liability (with 0% global income tax rate).

So I started to help others get the same opportunities. And that’s how the story of Migronis begins.

More about me:
Here's what our customers say
  • The company has proven to be a quality organization

    For me, quality is special in my life. I love quality. The company has proven to be a quality organization. I certainly would recommend them because they touched my matter in a very professional and efficient manner.

    DR Bola Afolabi
    PhD, President of Canal International, expert in strategic supply chain management (Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry)
  • The company produces results

    I was choosing between several companies, but settled on Migronis. For me, the competence and speed of answers to my questions played a key role, and not only during working hours. It feels like the company is working for the result. Recommend!

    Peter Chernyshov
    The ex-head of Kyivstar, Carlsberg (Ukraine and Russia), is included in the TOP-3 TOP-managers of Ukraine according to Forbes
  • The process itself went smoothly and almost without my involvement

    Migronis has the “pay-on-delivery” payment option. I’ve chosen this company because of this approach. The process itself went smoothly and almost without my involvement, several employees worked on my case at once. I’ve been receiving regular updates stating at what stage we are. All documents were filled out by their lawyers, I just checked and signed them. In general, I’m satisfied with their work and definitely recommend Migronis to my friends and business partners.

    Field of expertise: Representative of the company Logstor. Industrial company, supplier of commercial and industrial equipment
  • Everything is at its highest level

    Excellent service, operational work, the competence of the team - everything is at its highest level.
    The Migronis team helped us to decide on the country in the shortest possible time by answering the huge number of questions that we had regarding our field of work. We paid for their services only after we received the result we wanted!

    Managing partner of WhitePark Capital
Business owners and top managers trust us
Migronis team and key work principles

Migronis unites people of different cultures. We value the freedom and individual uniqueness of every team member.

We speak 7 languages and live in different places over the globe. Our goals are our passion, and the best results are our goals — 6 weeks is the fastest passport drawing up.

We work 24/7 — and not just in words. Different time zones where we live allow us to stay in touch to answer any questions you have.

Our strong point is in the local teams of places for residency and citizenship we offer. The team consists of certified agents, lawyers, brokers, tax advisors.

  • Anatoliy Lyetayev
  • Kristina Kurkuliak
    Partner and Head of the Dubai office
  • Yurii Pryima
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Oksana Iordanova
    Head of Customer Service
  • Ksenia Grishchenko
    Head of the Russian Office
  • Neringa Bulakiene
    Head of the Portuguese office

Migronis - a licensed citizenship programs provider

  • Dominica
  • Saint Lucia
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Grenada

Worldwide recognition

  • Company of the Year at The Global Law Experts Awards 2020
  • Recognized as one of the Top 25 Global Immigration Companies by Uglobal
  • Kristina Kurkuliak (Ruzhilo), the managing partner of Migronis, was ranked among the 50 Most Influential Representatives in Investment Immigration by Uglobal in 2019
Sharing our expertise

Every year you may find over 200 articles and posts in top international editions we write for you to deliver our experience and immigration updates, so you do not miss anything. 

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