How to obtain the E2 visa to USA through Grenada’s citizenship

The E-2 visas to the US are not issued to everyone interested, but only to citizens of countries that have signed bilateral investment treaties with the United States. China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai etc. are not among these countries, therefore, investments in exchange for the second passport of Grenada with the subsequent obtaining of the E-2 business visa is an excellent solution for businessmen wishing to expand the geography of doing business and enter the world market.

E-2 visa to the US: What does it mean?

The E-2 visa is issued to foreigners who decided to invest in business in the United States. Funds can be invested in an existing business as a co-partnership or you may open your own enterprise. To obtain a visa, the following requirements should be met:

  • The minimum amount of the investment is not set, but experts point out that in case of a relatively small amount (from $ 100,000), an applicant should provide valid reasons to have application approved by the US Migration Service.
  • Business should bring sufficient income for the maintenance of the investor’s family.
  • A potential investor must confirm that he does not intend to immigrate to the United States and will leave the country as soon as the investor visa expires.

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The visa is issued for a period of 2 years with a possibility of its subsequent extension for a similar period of time. The number of renewals is not limited. Having achieved a certain success in business, the holder of the E-2 visa can apply for a green card.

Why it is more reasonable to apply for an E-2 visa, rather than for the EB-5 green card

When choosing between the E-2 Investor Visa and the EB-5 green card, obtaining a business visa is more reasonable. In order to prove this point, we will provide at least 6 advantages of the E-2 visa over the EB-5 green card.

  • Quick application process. You can obtain the E-2 visa in a few weeks. Applying for a   green card may take more than 2 years.
  • Small amount of required investment. Investing more than $ 100,000 is sufficient for businessmen. Green card applicants need to invest $ 500,000 in regional center projects or $ 1 million in case of direct investment.
  • Control over investments. You are the one who controls the funds within your own business, while the EB-5 visa holders cannot fully control the assets invested in the third-party project.
  • Tax advantages. If an investor stays in the US for less than 122 days throughout the year, he may not pay tax on global income. Green card holders must pay personal income tax from sources around the world.
  • Work permit. The owners of the E-2 Investor Visa are immediately granted a work permit, while in case of applying for the EB-5 visa the waiting period may linger on for two and a half years because of the large queue.
  • Freedom of movement. Holders of the EB-5 visa must strictly observe the rules of residence, namely, to reside in the United States during 6 months in a year. Requirements to investors holding the E-2 visa are more flexible in this regard.

How to obtain the citizenship of Grenada

As mentioned above, Russians and Belarusians cannot apply for an E-2 visa. In order to avoid queuing for more than two years for the EB-5 visa, it is possible to apply for the citizenship of Grenada, and then apply for the E-2 visa. Let’s take a closer look at how the citizenship of Grenada is obtained, how much it will cost together with issuance of the E-2 visa.
To be eligible for applying for the second citizenship, a person must be of majority age, without a criminal record, have an impeccable business and personal reputation, as well as a clean banking history.
An investor may choose one out of two investment options:

  • Donation to the National Transformation Fund. A minimum size of the donation is $ 200,000 for a family of four, or $ 150,000 for a single applicant. There is an additional fee of $ 25,000 that needs to be paid for each additional applicant.
  • Purchase of government-approved real estate for at least $ 350,000. The retention period is 4 years.

Apart from the main investment, an applicant also has to pay the due diligence fee, registration and processing fee. In the case of the purchase of real estate, an administrative fee also needs to be paid (in some cases it is included in the value of the property).
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The total cost of obtaining the E-2 visa along with the Grenada passport will be $ 300,000-500,000.
The possession of the E-2 investor visa does not imply getting a green card, but the investor can change the status and apply for an L-1 visa or H1B visa giving their owners the right to submit application documents for obtaining a green card and a US passport. Most participants prefer extending the investor visa because of the tax obligations envisaged for the owners of green cards.
Thus, obtaining the citizenship of Grenada with the subsequent goal of applying for an investor visa to the United States of America is an excellent option to expand the geography of doing business and to gain additional benefits in the form of visa-free travel around the world and tax benefits.

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