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Moldovan citizenship by investment: why the program was closed

Kristina Kurkuliak
10 February 2021


Acceptance of applications for the Moldovan Citizenship by Investment Program has been discontinued. The Moldovan Parliament closed the program in September 2020.

In the summer of 2019, Moldova imposed a moratorium on citizenship by investment. Later, it was extended until 2020, but in the end the government decided to completely close the program.

Программа гражданства Молдовы закрыта

Terms and requirements for obtaining the citizenship

The process of obtaining citizenship took up to 4 months. Investors had to meet the following criteria:

A Moldovan passport could also be obtained by:

At the same time, it was possible to obtain a Moldovan passport while remaining a citizen of another country. Moldovan legislation did not impose any restrictions on the registration of dual citizenship.

Advantages of Citizenship of Moldova

Гражданство Молдовы

It was advantageous to issue a passport of a citizen of Moldova in order to permanently move to this country and enjoy all its social guarantees. Investors chose this country because of:

Investment options to apply for citizenship

Obtaining Moldovan citizenship consisted of several stages:

The investments required to obtain a Moldovan passport should have been invested in the country’s economy. It was necessary to invest an amount of € 100,000. The government used this money to develop infrastructure, education, health care, renovation of the housing stock, etc.

The applicant also had to pay an administrative fee, due diligence, government fees and other expenses.

FAQ and Information About Moldova

Гражданство Молдовы - программа закрыта

Yes. The Citizenship by Investment Program closed in September 2020.


Documents confirming financial dependence were provided – for children a certificate from the place of study, for dependent parents – a birth certificate.

There were no requirements for residence and knowledge of the language.


The applicant should have had no previous convictions and no criminal proceedings for serious criminal offenses.

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