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Real estate in the Caribbean: the whole truth about returns on investment

Buying real property in the Caribbean is a way to apply for a second passport. The latter does not only give you freedom of travel to 100+ countries but also entitles you to apply for long-term visas to the United States and Canada as well as to protect your assets and reduce the tax burden.
Investment requirements vary across the jurisdictions and the level of profitability of the real estate items will also be different. Which one of the Caribbean countries will be the best option in terms of return on investment in real estate?

Real Property in Antigua and Barbuda

To acquire the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, it is required to invest at least $ 400,000 in real estate. After 5 years, the investor can sell the real estate object or keep renting it out. According to statistics, since the launch of the program until June 2017, 215 investors have chosen to invest in real estate. At the same time, 771 applicants have chosen an option of donating to the government fund. This trend is not surprising at all. Acquisition of real estate in the Caribbean is associated with risks posed by Atlantic cyclones. For example, the infrastructure on Barbuda was destroyed by the recent hurricane Irma which, though, didn’t touch the island of Antigua. For this reason, the real estate in Antigua is more attractive for the investors. One of Antigua’s advantages is its developed infrastructure. In addition to the picturesque beaches, the island attracts visitors due to its excellent conditions for yachting. It has a large airport with a modern terminal and 6 ports for yachts and ocean liners. Antigua is popular with tourists, including celebrities and wealthy people.


The government of Antigua and Barbuda approved an impressive list of objects, the purchase of which allows to qualify for a second passport. Investors may buy a share in the hotel or completely buy out a villa, apartments or condominiums. The apartment with an area of ​​60-80 square meters will cost from $ 400,000 to $ 600,000. The amount of $ 600,000 to $ 950,000 is sufficient to buy a 2-3 bedroom mansion within 100-200 meters from the sea. Villas of 200-400 square meters are offered for $ 1-2 million, and luxury homes with a pool and private yacht harbour will cost more than $ 2 million. One of the most interesting development projects on Antigua is the Daniel Bay residential development with a private access located in the south of the island, the Nelson’s Retreat apart-hotel in the center of English Harbor, South Point boutique hotel, as well as the exquisite Tamarind Hills apartments. Real estate in the Caribbean: the whole truth about returns on investment | Migronis

Tamarind Hills resort

Real property in Grenada

To participate in the Grenada citizenship by investment program it is required to buy real estate worth at least $ 350,000. The investment amount may be recovered by reselling the real estate object in the future or by renting it out. Important note: Unlike the other countries of the Caribbean, Grenada is practically not exposed to the danger of natural disasters since hurricanes pass north of the island.


Those wishing to invest should choose only from the projects approved by the government. The investment is to be held for a minimum period of 4 years. Below are some of the promising projects in Grenada:

  • Levera Nature & Beach Resort. A big eco-resort which will be located in a nature reserve and will include boutique hotels, villas and bungalows. The developers place emphasis on natural materials such as solid wood, stone baths, as well as energy from natural sources. You can buy a mansion or a share in the hotel. It is expected that each of the options will give an income of 2% per annum during the first 4 years. This project is also attractive because the share can be purchased for only $ 190,000. The remaining part will be paid by a US credit company. The remaining amount may be reimbursed in 4 years and the share may be kept. Another option is not to reimburse the remaining sum, and in this case, the share will become the property of the company, however, the investor will keep the citizenship.
  • Silversands Grenada. A luxury resort which is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. It should open in March 2018 and will be located within easy reach of the famous Grand Anse beach. A huge 100-meter pool (the longest in the Caribbean) will be the hotel’s signature.
  • Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club. A boutique resort of luxury villas and bungalows, popular among investors, is also located on the Grand Anse beach. The resort is constantly expanding thanks to the investments made by the participants of the CBI program. You can buy either a whole mansion or shares in the hotel management company.
  • Grenada Resort Complex – an ambitious project in the south of the country. Its construction will cost about $ 2 billion. The complex will be located not far from the country’s capital and Maurice Bishop International Airport. More than 550 suites, apartments and business suites should become attractive investment items, given the size of the complex.
  • Kimpton Kawana Bay. A luxurious 146-room resort is planned to open in 2019 after reconstruction. An investor can buy one of the suites for the required investment amount of $350,000 and stay there for 14 days a year free of charge. At other times, the item will bring income from the rental.

Real estate in the Caribbean: the whole truth about returns on investment | Migronis

Mount Cinnamon is a popular choice not only among investors but also among the celebrities who spend their vacationing in Grenada.

Real property in Saint Kitts and Nevis

The passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis may be acquired by investment of at least $400,000 in real property. This option is chosen by 1 out of 5 investors applying for participation in the passport program. However, for the local market, this is still a rather big amount. Experts estimate that about 70% of all real estate transactions in the country are carried out within the citizenship by investment program. Approximately 80 projects are available for purchase from the list approved by the government. After 5 years, an item may be sold, in particular, to another investor wishing to get the country’s passport. Two-bedroom apartments in Basseterre, the country’s capital, are offered for about $ 600,000. A luxury villa may cost from $ 1.5 to 2 million, and elite homes with a pool and sea view are offered for $ 4-5 million. Tourism is the basis of the economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The development of this industry is facilitated by the presence of a modern Robert L. Bradshaw airport and two major ports: Basseterre and Charlestown. The islands are also popular among the owners of mega yachts. In 2015, the construction of the marina for elite ships at Christophe Harbor was completed.


It should also be borne in mind that there is a risk of property destruction during the hurricane season since the location of the islands is not the safest. In addition, many projects can be stalled during the construction phase. Below are three of the most interesting development projects approved for the program:

  • Four Seasons Nevis. A five-star resort, located in the west part of Nevis island. Here you can come across such celebrities such as Britney Spears and Beyonce. In 2016, the hotel was purchased by Bill Gates. Investors are offered to purchase a share in the hotel. This will entitle them to live in a timeshare and to receive a proportionate share of the income from the rental of the resort’s apartments.
  • Kittitian Hill. An eco-resort on the island of Saint Kitts that has colonial-style villas and mansions. Buying a share of the resort, the investor will receive the right to live in a mansion or villa for 14 days a year, as well as to have a share in the income.
  • Park Hyatt. The hotel is located in the marina of Christophe Harbor. It has all chances to become popular among yachting enthusiasts. Therefore, investing in a share of the hotel can bring a good income.

Real estate in the Caribbean: the whole truth about returns on investment | Migronis

Park Hyatt is one of the most anticipated projects in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Real property in Dominica

The minimum amount of investment in real estate in Dominica ($ 200,000) is one of the lowest among the Caribbean programs. An investment item should be selected from the list of projects approved by the government. For the time being there are only 6 projects in this list: Bois Cotlette, Jungle Bay Villas, Cabrits Resort Kempinski, Secret Bay Residences, The Silver Bay Development and Tranquility Beach Dominica. Despite its attractive price, the property on Dominica didn’t gain popularity among the investors. 8 out of 10 candidates for citizenship choose the donation option. There are several reasons for this. First, the island has poorly developed tourist infrastructure, especially compared to other Caribbean countries. There are no direct flights to Dominica from the USA and Great Britain, and this has a negative impact on the influx of tourists. Secondly, Dominica is located in the area vulnerable to natural disasters. In the last 5 years only the country has experienced serious destructions as a result of three powerful hurricanes. Almost the entire infrastructure of the country was destroyed. With that said, if you are planning to purchase property in the Caribbean CBI countries, a reasonable solution would be investing in the projects on Antigua and Grenada.

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