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St.Kitts and Nevis program has expanded investors’ capabilities

St.Kitts and Nevis followed in the footsteps of other Caribbean countries (Grenada, Dominica and Saint Lucia) and introduced changes to its Citizenship by Investment program. From now on, the main applicant‘s siblings may also obtain the passports.
In early November, the island government issued a circular to announce that the terms of the St.Kitts and Nevis citizenship by Investment program were to be expanded. The decision has already come into effect.
Now main applicants are allowed to include their siblings in the applications for citizenship. The following conditions are essential to be met:
Only siblings of the main applicant are eligible. They shall be:

  • 30 years of age or younger;
  • single, childless;
  • dependent on the main applicant for financial support.

Additional fees for including the siblings into the application depend on the investment type:

  • For the real estate purchase option, the fees will be $40,000;
  • For the donation into the Sustainable Growth Fund options, the fees will be $20,000 per sibling.

Saint Kitts and Nevis has become the fourth country in the Caribbean to allow siblings of a main investor to obtain passports. Grenada introduced the respective changes in 2018, while Dominica and Saint Lucia did it in 2019. However, Grenada and Saint Lucia do not have the requirement to confirm that the siblings are dependent on the main applicant for financial support.
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