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Which second passport will give you more power than others?

Thinking about acquiring a second citizenship and do not know which country to choose? Here is a short and useful list of advantages and disadvantages that passports for sale can give you. Such passports can be obtained by investing in real estate or in a state fund of a particular country.
This article will be useful to businessmen who want to quickly understand what second citizenship by investment means before diving into the specifics: what documents are needed, what type of real estate can I invest in, who can I include into the application, will I be able to return the investment etc.


CHOICE №1: Investment in real estate – $ 400,000. The investor can’t sell it within 5 years in order to follow the rules of the program.
CHOICE №2: Donate $ 250,000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF).
CHOICE №3 (valid until the end of March 2018): Donate $ 150,000 to the Hurricane Relief Fund.
ADDITIONAL FEES: $ 57,500 for the main applicant, $ 25,000 for each financially dependent member of the family specified in the application.
PLUS: Citizenship; visa-free entry to 132 countries; no requirements for residence in the country.
MINUS: Canada canceled the visa-free entry for Saint Kitts and Nevis citizens.


CHOICE №1: Non-refundable investment in the Government Fund – $ 100,000, additional $ 75,000 for a spouse, $ 25,000 for two children.
CHOICE №2: Invest $ 200,000 in real estate, which can be sold in 3 years if the buyer participates in the “citizenship by investment” program.
ADDITIONAL FEES: $ 50,000 for the main applicant, $ 25,000 for a spouse.
PLUS: Citizenship; visa-free entry to 91 country; fast processing of the application (3-6 months); no requirements for residence; there is no personal interview.
MINUS: Taking an oath of allegiance (the applicants can do it via Skype call).


CITIZENSHIP: Invest € 350,000 in real estate, € 150,000 in government bonds and donate € 650,000 to a state fund.
PERMANENT RESIDENCE №1: Invest € 320,000 in real estate and € 250,000 in government bonds, pay a government fee of € 30,000.
PERMANENT RESIDENCE №2: Invest € 275,000 in real estate and pay € 15,000 annually. The annual income should be at least € 100,000, or the investor must own a capital of € 500,000.
PLUS: Citizenship, visa-free entry to 168 countries.
MINUS: Applicants who participated in the program must maintain a “real connection” with the country (although no one closely monitors this).

CITIZENSHIP: Invest € 2 million within 3 years, the count starts when the application is submitted, and retain investment for 3 years, the count starts when the certificate of naturalization is issued.
PERMANENT RESIDENCE: Purchase a property worth at least € 300,000 and provide evidence of an annual income of € 30,000 (the source of these funds must be outside of Cyprus)
PLUS: Citizenship; visa-free entry to 159 countries; it is allowed to have two citizenships.
MINUS: It is necessary to visit Cyprus every two years.


CHOICE №1: Invest € 500,000 in real estate or € 350,000 real estate objects that are older than 30 years and are in need of reconstruction; or € 250,000 in the development of art; or € 500,000 in venture capital, or create 10 or more jobs for Portuguese nationals.
PLUS: With residence permit it is possible to obtain citizenship in 5 years; free entry to 26 countries of the Schengen area; all members of the family get a residence permit together with the applicant.
MINUS: The holder should spend at least 7 days per year; local cuisine.


CHOICE №1: Invest 1.5 million Australian dollars in real estate projects approved by the government.
CHOICE №2: Pensioners older than 55 with assets of A$ 75,000, an annual income of A$ 65,000, without financially dependent persons (except a spouse), can invest A$ 750,000 in real estate projects approved by the government.
PLUS: Possibility to obtain citizenship in 4 years.
MINUS: Australians will expect you to know the rules of cricket.


CHOICE №1: Investing £ 2 million allows the investor to live in the UK for up to 3 years. Investing £ 5 million allows the investor to obtain citizenship of the country in 3 years, and £ 10 million – in 2 years.
PLUS: Possibility to obtain citizenship.
MINUS: Fifty percent of the time you must live in the UK.

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