Which citizenship is best for you: a comparison between Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Caribbean passports are increasingly popular among high-income individuals seeking an alternative safe place for residence, not only for its natural beauty and pleasant climate. Caribbean citizenship benefits entail visa-free movement and an advantageous taxation system. The holders of Caribbean passports can travel freely among over 120 countries, including Schengen countries and the UK, and can […]

Кристина Куркуляк
Residence permit in Europe or citizenship in the Caribbean?

When choosing where to immigrate, many wealthy foreigners have a choice: a residence permit in Europe or a second Caribbean passport. Each type of government programs has its advantages and disadvantages. Which is more preferable?…

Caribbean Citizenship: True Value for Hong Kong Residents

Wealthy individuals and their families from Hong Kong are looking for a “second string”: more and more residents prefer to back up their prosperous living by investing in countries with a more stable economic and political situation…


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