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No queues. A method of obtaining a Green Card

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unique opportunity

L-1 visa advantages

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

An opportunity to get a Green Card, and subsequently obtain a US citizenship

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

Unlimited entry to the US and residency in any chosen state till the end of visa

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

No queue for L-1 visa applicants

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

Spouse and unmarried children under 21 can get a visa (L-2 type) together with the main applicant

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

Employment in an American company that sponsored you

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

A businessman (manager) who has at least 1-year management experience can apply for this visa

Minimum investment – $100 000

Give freedom to those you care about

Along with the main applicant in a US L-1 visa application can be included:

  1. A spouse
  2. Unmarried children under 21

Investment options to obtain L-1 visa

Investment in business – $100,000

!It’s an approximate sum of investment and fees as the final amount isn’t fixed


Simple and clear process

Steps to obtain an L-1 visa

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis


Free preliminary background check of an applicant (1 day) and conclusion of the contract in one of our offices or remotely. At this stage, it will be sufficient to provide the copies of foreign passports for all family members that will be included in the application for an L-1 visa.
Result of this step: background check report + signed contract.

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis


Preparation of a business plan, transfer of the investment sum, filing of a petition by an attorney.
Result of this step: Approval received.

L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis


As soon as the petition is approved, the applicant receives a visa at the consulate or a notification of a change of status if the petition has been submitted within the United States. Processing time for his type of visa is at least 3 months. The visa is valid for 1 year (and can be extended).
Applicant’s actions: Passing a visa interview at the embassy and departure to the USA (if visa documents are submitted at a consulate in the applicant’s own country)

Migronis is always more than you expect

Post-immigration service

Opening a local bank account

Insurance registration

We will help you to solve any problem, for example, we will tell you all you need to know about the nuances of the US tax system.

Why clients choose Migronis

Post-paid service

We are online 24/7

We obtain additional documents in USA

Minimal participation on your part, we do all the paperwork

No intermediaries and no middlemen

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    L-1 visa

    L-1 visa is also associated with the possibility of doing business in the United States. Under the US laws, an L-type visa is considered to be a tool for moving officers and managers of foreign companies to branches located in the United States. Also, the L-1 visa is issued to foreign nationals working in the US companies abroad, in order to attract them to the main offices based in the United States. Compared to the EB-5 visa which does not require detailed substantiations of investor’s qualification and experience in management, there is a different situation with L-type visa. An individual petition must be accompanied by a list of documents. This refers not only to bank statements and financial documentation, but also to advertising materials, job descriptions, employees’ business cards, etc.
    There are two subcategories to this L1 visa:
    • L-1A is issued to executives and managers, and it’s valid up to 7 years;
    • L-1B is issued to workers with specialized knowledge, and it’s valid up to 5 years.

    Can an individual entrepreneur qualify for an individual visa L-1?

    As a rule, no, he/she can not. The form of ownership of the company should be Ltd., OJSC, JSC.

    We share our experience

    L-1 VISA <BR>USA — Migronis

    We share our experience

    We prepared useful videos about US L-1 visa on our Youtube channel. Check them out.

    L-1 visa – benefits

    The L-1 US visa opens up great opportunities, such as:

    1. The possibility to legally work in the United States for seven years.
    2. Freedom of movement within the United States and in most countries of the world.
    3. A legal opportunity for oneself and family members to get an american education at an affordable price.
    4. Start for further naturalization in the United States.

    Be advice. Minor children will not be able to obtain the right to work, but applicant will be able to apply a B-1 visa with the right to work (for him) in the United States for domestic staff upon moving.

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