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About migronis

Unlock your freedom!

Helping gain freedom with residency and citizenship by investment since 2012.

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Unlock your freedom! — Migronis


Migronis — your reliable partner since 2012

Migronis is an international company based in Europe with Ukrainian roots. The company’s owner, Anatoly Letaev, is an entrepreneur, a human rights lawyer, and an expert in the field of Citizenship-by-Investment. He lives in Portugal and strongly promotes the idea of personal freedom.

The head office of Migronis is located in Estoril (Portugal). And we have offices in Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus.

Since 2012, we have been helping to obtain citizenship and residency by investment in 20+ countries around the world.


2012 (6 August) — the foundation of the company.

2014 — first steps in investment immigration (Hungary).

2016 — started work with Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs and the EU Golden Visas.

2016 — started work with U.S. Immigration Programs.

2019 — ranked among the 50 Most Influential Representatives in Investment Immigration (Kristina Kurkuliak, Managing Partner of Migronis).

2019 – 2020 — became an official representative of Caribbean Citizenship Programs.

2020 — recognized as Company of the Year at The Global Law Experts Awards 2020.

2020 — ranked among the Top 25 Global Immigration Companies in the World by UGLOBAL IMMIGRATION.

MIGRONIS is freedom

Vision & Values

Do you know how to use the world map to the fullest? If it has no pinned flags pointing to the countries, which can increase your well-being, freedom, and security, then probably not that much.

MIGRONIS promotes the idea of total freedom in terms of flag theory.

You can design your own world in several countries: choose a tax residence, a country to raise and educate children, a passport for visa-free travel, a place for storing financial assets.


1 flag — Citizenship

2 flag — Residence

3 flag — Business

4 flag — Banking

5 flag — Countries for life

6 flag — Information security

7 flag — Digital assets

Residency and citizenship by investment programs is the key tool to build such a secure world with no borders.

The flag theory dates back to the 60s. It means you do not depend on one system but choose the best ones working for you.

Anatoliy Letaev, Founder of Migronis

Meet our clients, learn why they love us

Migronis clients include celebrities, investors, scientists, international business owners, top managers, startup founders, and crypto entrepreneurs from different parts of the world:

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

We speak 7 languages and live in different time zones, so we are always in touch.

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Out-of-the-box solutions
Clients have similar requests but different issues. We cope with them with our non-standard thinking.

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Masters of International law, managers with experience in Big Four companies, licensed agents, top brokers, and tax gurus are on board.

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Security and privacy. In 2021, people are giving away more personal data than ever, and we making your personal information safe is our top priority.

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

The company’s key advantage is a team with proven competence. Migronis unites the best experts from the field all over the globe.

Brand credibility

We’ve won The Global Law Experts Award for International Investment Immigration Company of the Year. The Global Law Expert is an authoritative guide to leading attorneys, which recognizes just one expert in each practice field.

Building the best expert blog in the niche

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Letaev Vlog

Building the best expert blog in the niche

Over a long time of work, I have accumulated many cases that I’d like to share on my blog. Second citizenship is like a golden card that puts away boundaries around us.

Anatoly Letaev, Founder of Migronis

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Citizen of the world. Second citizenship. Investments. Freedom

Influence and strong community

The founders and directors of Migronis play a significant role in the world of investment immigration:

Anatoly Letaev

Founder of the company, columnist writing for Imidaily, speaker of international conferences. The prime example of working theory of flags.

Global Migronis Community

Migronis Closed Club is all about:

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Networking. It’s hard to find so many HNWIs from all over the world just in one community wherever else.

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Access to closed online meetings with top experts (investments, taxes, security).

Unlock your freedom! — Migronis

Offline events. Conferences, meetings with the best speakers in the field of finance.

For 9 years, Migronis has built a unique community of independent and successful people living and building businesses in different parts of the world. These are global citizens with high social status and level of freedom who support the company’s initiatives and help each other.

Dream team

Who’s on board?

Miles away are between the Migronis teams but we are much closer with our values and state-of-the-art technologies. Freedom, security, flexibility, and thinking with no limits are our drivers, which link us with the company’s philosophy.

Anatoly Letaev


Ilana Meyer

Global Head of Private Clients

Oksana Iordanova

Head of Customer Service

Neringa Bulakiene

Head of the Portuguese office

Alena Lesina

Immigration expert

Gulnara Salikhova

Immigration expert


Migronis – a licensed citizenship programs provider

  • Dominica

  • Saint Lucia

  • Antigua and Barbuda


  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Grenada

Assets for 9 years

  1. 21 turn-key programs
  2. Clients from 27 countries
  1. 400+ successful cases
  2. Headquarters in 4 countries

Headquarters in 4 countries

The doors of our offices are always open, and we are ready to keep in touch in 7 languages. It’s up to you which one to knock at:

Migronis Head Office – Estoril, Portugal

Regino Cruz-Arquitectos E Consultores, S.A.
21 467 9700
Estoril, Portugal


124 Amathountas Avenue
Athina Court B, Agios
Tychonas, 4532


PODIL PLAZA & RESIDENCE, Hlybochytska St, 73, 04052


Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 192058

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