Visa-free travel to 144 countries, including China. Possibility of obtaining an E-2 visa to the United States.
Starting investment

at $150,000

Processing time

starts from 2 months

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"To obtain Grenadian citizenship, investors make a contribution to a government fund of $150,000 or more. The second option is the purchase of real estate in the country for an amount of $220,000 or more. Real estate investments are repaid after 5 years. Investors are not required to know the language or history of Grenada, and do not need to travel to the country during the program.

Spouses, children, parents, siblings of investors can also obtain a Grenada passport."

Advantages of a Grenada citizenship
Visa-free or visa on arrival access to 144 countries including China, the USA, and the Schengen countries
Possibility to get an E-2 visa to the USA
No global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance tax
One of the world's top medical universities - the degree is highly regarded in the US and UK
All family members can obtain citizenship within 2 months
Fully remote procedure

Investments starting at $150,000

Give freedom to those you care about

Grenada's investment program allows for citizenship for family members. Namely:

  • Spouse
  • Children under 30 years of age
  • Parents of the principal applicant and/or spouse of any age
  • Childless and unmarried siblings of the principal applicant or spouse.

In addition, Grenadian citizenship is hereditary.

Investment options to apply for citizenship

Investing in real estate from $220000

Most investors choose the option of buying a share in projects approved by the government of Grenada. After 5 years the real estate can be sold and return part of the costs of citizenship registration.


.InvestorSpousesFamily (up to 4 persons, except siblings)Family (5 persons and more)
Buying real estate $220000$220000$220000$220000
State tax$50000$50000$50000$50000 + $25000 for each parent over 55 years of age or child beginning with the 5th family member + $50000 for parents under 55 years of age + $75000 for siblings
Due diligence$5000$10000$5000 per investor and each family member 17 years of age or older$5000 per investor and each family member 17 years of age or older
Other fees and charges$3270$6540From $11080From $15620

Investing in the National Transformation Fund from $150000

Investing through the fund is the most budget-friendly option, but the $150000 contribution will not be refundable


Visa-free entry to 144 countries around the world

With a Grenada passport you can freely visit Schengen countries, UK, Singapore, China

What does the Grenada passport cost?

Other than the investment amount there are certain fees associated with the Grenada citizenship by investment program. These fees differ depending on the family composition and the age of dependents. The added fees are:

  • Processing fees
  • Application fees
  • Due diligence fees

Other than that the only fees applicable are disbursements such as translation, bank wiring fees, and administrative fees if required. So let’s take a look at the entire breakdown of the investment amount and government-mandated fees of the Grenada CIP.

Fees and costs

In the tables below we will break down the entire Grenada passport cost by both National Transformation Fund and Real Estate options, so let’s take a gander:

How do we apply for citizenship?
Simple and clear process
We can help you with other issues as well
  • Opening a local bank account
  • Local tax residency
  • Insurance registration
  • Company registration
  • Obtaining a driver's license
  • Passport replacement and restoration within 7-14 days (in case of loss/damage/expiration).

We can help you with any issue, for example, we can tell you how to apply for a U.S. E-2 visa for Grenada citizens.

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Have you considered European citizenship for investment, but its high cost and stringent conditions have made you favor another country? An excellent alternative to an EU passport could be one of the Caribbean's offerings. The five island nations of this region present investors with a choice of immigration programs. Competing with each other, Caribbean countries are constantly improving their offerings. This is the only way they can remain competitive and attract more and more applicants. In this article we will talk about how to obtain a Grenada passport.

Grenada - how to get a passport?

Grenada started offering its citizenship to investors 7 years ago. Since then, the terms of the program have changed many times. Only the possibility of investing in real estate remained unchanged - this is the main way to obtain economic citizenship of Grenada. However, this only positively affects its popularity. Moreover, in the annual rating of investment programs CBI Index, Grenada in 2019 entered the top three.

At the same time, if you do not have time to understand the intricacies and nuances of citizenship registration, it is better to turn to specialists. The investment immigration agency will tell you how the due diligence is conducted, help you to collect a package of necessary documents, notarize them, apostille them, send them for consideration, and get Grenada citizenship.

So, what requirements does the program impose on those wishing to obtain a Grenada passport for investment? The government of this state can deny citizenship in the following cases:

  • If the investor is under 18 years of age at the time of application
  • If the investor cannot provide proof that the source of his/her income is legitimateIf the investor has a negative reputation, both business and personal
  • If the investor and his/her family members have travel restrictions/prohibitions in Europe, the UK, the US and Canada
  • If the investor and his/her family members are on sanctions listsIf the investor and his/her family members have criminal records
  • If the investor and his/her family members are wanted by Interpol or are on a national wanted list
  • If the investor and his/her family members cannot document that they are in good health.

If even one of these items is confirmed, Grenada citizenship will become unavailable.

Cost of Citizenship. Another equally important requirement is the ability to make the investment in a timely manner. The Grenada citizenship program offers several options to choose from. You can:

  • Make a non-refundable contribution to the government's National Development Fund. The minimum amount of contribution to the government fund is $150,000;
  • Purchase real estate in Grenada. Real estate investments start at $220,00.

However, keep in mind that the cost will be different depending on the number of people entered in the application for citizenship of Grenada. You will also have to pay various fees in addition. As for the option choice directly, many investors prefer a non-refundable fee over a real estate investment. If you want, you can read in detail about Grenada citizenship reviews.

How to get citizenship of Grenada: pros and cons of the program

Any program of citizenship for investment offers applicants a lot of opportunities. Nevertheless, there are always certain disadvantages of this or that option. You still can not decide to participate in the program and you are interested in what advantages gives citizenship of Grenada for investment? This will be discussed below.

  • First of all, it should be said that Grenada passport opens the possibility to visit 142 countries without any difficulties. Visa-free countries include Singapore, Great Britain, EU and Schengen zone countries.
  • At the same time, having citizenship of this state, investors can apply for an E-2 business visa to the United States. No other Caribbean nation offers this.
  • In addition, Grenada passport holders will have no difficulty obtaining a visa to Canada and the United States for an extended period of time.
  • Along with the investor, the Grenada citizenship program allows his/her wife/husband, children under the age of 30 and parents (of the main applicant or his/her wife/husband) to be included in the application.
  • Also, Grenada citizenship through investment has another undeniable advantage - the investor and his/her family will not have to visit the island, which is especially relevant in a coronavirus pandemic. There will be no need to live in the country either. Having obtained economic citizenship, the investor can visit the state when he wants, and leave it at any time.If you buy real estate in Grenada, over time you will fully return the investment. That is why most investors first of all consider the purchase of real estate to obtain a passport.
  • In the country there are no certain types of taxes. Thanks to this, after the citizenship of Grenada, the investor and his family will be able to reduce their expenses.Grenada allows to have a second citizenship.

Now let's tell about the disadvantages of Grenada citizenship. The main and most important of them is that the island is often exposed to destructive hurricanes. Such natural phenomena occur once in 1-2 years, and sometimes more often. Because of this, there is always a risk that a building purchased in Grenada will be destroyed or damaged. Accordingly, it will need to be restored and additional investments will be required. For this reason, when choosing how exactly to obtain Grenada citizenship, most applicants prefer real estate investments rather than a contribution to a fund.

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