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Portugal Golden Visa & permanent residency by investment

Government program. Investment from €350,000. Residency for the whole family

Terms and requirements to obtain Portuguese residence permit

Usually the process takes up to 6-8 months. One visit to Portugal is required. Investors must meet the following criteria:

  • Not being subject to sanctions, restrictions or bans on entry to EU countries, USA, the UK and Canada

  • No criminal record and criminal proceedings for serious crimes

  • Ability to confirm the legality of the origin of funds

  • Impeccable personal and business reputation

Who can obtain the Portuguese residency together with the main applicant?

  • A spouse

  • Children under the age of 18

  • Children, regardless of age, having a mental or physical disability

  • Main applicant's parents and / or spouse 65 years of age and older

Benefits of Portuguese residence permit

  • Visa-free entry and travel across the Schengen

  • Required period of stay in the country - 7 days during a calendar year

  • New possibilities for business development

  • All family members can get residence permit within 6-8 months with a right to employment

  • A way to obtain permanent residency and citizenship

  • Social and political security

  • Tax planning possibilities


Changes to Portuguese Golden Visa Program

The Portugal Golden Visa changes will take effect in January of next year; applications must be sent by the end of 2021. Every Golden Visa pleading filed after this date will be subject to new legislation that will take effect on January 1, 2022.

The new laws make a variety of changes. Let’s take a look at them one by one. Keep in mind that the price rise in Portugal will enter into force on January 1, 2022.

  • When applying for a Visa via a real estate purchase, the cost remains the same. Options between €350,000 and €500,000 are still available in their current configuration, with discounts of 20% in sparsely populated regions.
  • Alternative investment options are now more expensive. If you want to make an investment fund, the cost will rise to €500,000 depending on the criteria (instead of the existing €350,000). The conditions of the application are the same.
  • For capital contributions, the new indispensable prerequisite will be 1.5 million euros compared to 1 million euros at present. The terms of the application remain the same.
  • For science and research areas, the cost will also increase. The amount will rise from €350,000 now to €500,000 with no modifications in other requirements.
  • For people who create jobs, the sum of contributions will boost to €500,000 (in the present time €350,000) and an essential prerequisite for creating ten new jobs in Portugal.
  • You can still participate in the Portugal Golden Visa program by investing in commercial, office, and tourism assets in any area of Portugal and its autonomous provinces.
  • The civil polity has allowed Tavira, Monchique, Castro Marim, Evora, Vila do Bispo, Alte, Coimbra, Silves, Guimaraes, Douro, Serra da Estrela, and some urban regions of Porto to remain available for real estate investment next year.

Minimum investment items with a €350,000 price tag are becoming increasingly scarce. However, there is still time to make secure and longstanding funding in Portugal’s capital over the next 5-6 years.

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Everything you would like to know about the Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of Europe’s and the commonest citizenship-by-investment programmes. It was enacted in 2012 to countenance non-EU civilians standing to a residence permit in turn for a 5-year expenditure in real estate.

Above 9,000 outside fund clients have gotten the Golden Visa of Portugal during the program. The majority of them are from China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, and Russia.

The Portugal Golden Visa program made it easier for individuals to inhabit and work in this southern European country, boosting the level of the national economy. Since the programme started, the state has earned nearly six billion euros via investments in agreements with the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF).

Why is the Golden Visa in Portugal so widely known?

The Golden Visa is distinguished at an international scale due to comparatively inexpensive property prices, the country’s safety, and excellent quality of life. The Portuguese capital is one of those regions providing minimal property investments among all European regions.

Lisbon is one of the world’s greenest cities. It has one of the most pleasant climates on the European mainland and outstanding beaches, an exceptional transport system, and globally recognized universities that make the city a desirable option for vacationers and trans-border investors.

Persons who gain Portuguese citizenship by investment must remain in the country for at least 14 days consecutively or intermittently for each 2-year visa period in order to keep all of the privileges of living in the EU, such as passports, free unrestricted travel, and the freedom to work, learn, and live in Portugal.

Privileges of the Portugal Golden Visa Programme

The main pre-eminences of acquiring a residency and citizenship in Portugal are:

  • a quick process of taking Portugal residence permit within a few months, while only two visits to the country are required
  • visa-free travel to all Schengen nations
  • the absolute minimum of prerequisites for actual stay in the country is only 35 days within 5 years
  • excellent international and Portuguese schools and universities
  • an attractive tax system for individuals and legal entities
  • medical facilities provide health care that meets international quality standards
  • eligibility for citizenship after five years
  • high living standards and low crime rate.

How to make Portugal Golden Visa investment

  1. Choose a property in Portugal
  2. Open an account in a Portuguese bank for transferring funds and registering a tax number for foreign investors
  3. Gather documentation and clinch a deal for a real estate transaction that meets the requirements of the programme
  4. Create an appointment with the SEF Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service Portal.
  5. Set a date for the biometrics delivery (registration is 2-4 months in advance)
  6. Apply for a Portugal temporary residence permit personally or through your representative
  7. Fly to Portugal to submit biometric data
  8. Get a residence permit card (you can get it through your agent).

Indispensable papers to become a resident in Portugal

With your application for a Golden Portugal Investment Visa, you must also apply the next documents:

  • passport or valid identity document
  • proof of legal entry into Portugal (specifically, a Schengen short-stay visa)
  • proof of medical insurance (issued within the last three months)
  • police clearance certificate from the country of origin/residence (issued within the previous three months)
  • prove of compliance with assess and social obligations
  • payslip of Portuguese Golden Visa fees.

Candidates must also demonstrate that they are committed to keep the investment fund for at least five years in addition to this list of paper trails. Additionally, candidates must provide proof of their investment, such as:

  • bank statement on financial placements
  • employment agreements regarding job creation
  • acts of purchase for real estate investing.

Applicants renewing their Golden Visa in Portuguese Republic will be asked to show that they have fulfilled the necessary conditions to stay during the visa validation time. For proving this, each form of investment has its own set of criteria.

Getting Portugal citizenship by investment with the help of the Portugal Golden Visa will take several months to process. SEF may contact the respondent (or their legal assignees) to set up a meeting after it has been reviewed.

Portugal Golden Visa investment opportunities available

Participants eager for immigration to Portugal by investment will contribute financially to either of the succeeding options:

  1. Buy real estate in Portugal at €500,000.
  2. Purchase a €350,000 immovable property in the country for restoration. It must be 30+ years old and in a cultural heritage or downtown restoration area. The capital provider is responsible for the object’s restoration.
  3. Take ownership of Portuguese business stock or make a deposit of at least 1 million euros in a bank.
  4. Purchase shares in a venture fund or an investment at a price of €500,000 or more. At least 60% of the fund’s donations must be delivered to Portuguese-based businesses.
  5. Build at least ten jobs for Portuguese people by registering a company.

Residence permit and receiving Portugal passport by investment

Real estate investments are the most common capital contributing strategy for securing a residency permit in Portugal. In 2019, this choice was favoured by over 93 percent of international investors over other Golden Visa alternatives.

Portugal’s movable properties are in high demand. According to Standard Poor’s (an American credit rating agency), the country is among the top three EU countries with the fastest-growing property rates, with a 7 percent increase in 2019.

In order to maintain a Golden Visa in Portugal, you must spend at least €500,000 in a landed estate or €350,000 in a project for renewal.

The minimum contribution will be decreased by 20%, to €400,000 and €280,000, respectively, but only if immovable property is bought in an area with a low population density (less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer of land area) or a low GDP (75 percent lower than the national average index).

The Portuguese government will no longer grant residency permits for investments in Grande Lisboa, Porto, and other coastal zones of the country starting January 1, 2022. Foreign clients with funds would be acceptable to buy homes only in the inner districts of Portugal, the Azores, or Madeira.

The housing costs in the plan are charged without the need for a mortgage. You may, however, apply for a loan of an amount greater than the minimal Portugal Golden Visa requirements. For example, if you purchase a home for €700,000 and meet the Portugal residence program’s minimum standards of €500,000, you will get a €200,000 mortgage.

When acquiring real estate in Portugal, remember that the cost of registration would be roughly 10% to 12% of the object’s value. In fact, the total annual cost of housing maintenance in Portugal would be €2,000.

Some information about patriality

The person obtains permanent Portugal residency by investment and applies for Portuguese citizenship after five years. In comparison to Spain and Italy, where patriality can be obtained in 10 years, and Greece, where nationality can be received in 7 years, it is one of the fastest naturalizations in the European Union.

Furthermore, the Portuguese authorities recognise dual nationality, allowing you to hold your home country’s passport.

There are a few Portugal Golden Visa necessary criteria that the investor must satisfy:

  • evidence of profits and a fund placement
  • certificate of a clean criminal record
  • knowledge of the Portuguese language at a basic level.

The Golden Visa application process step-by-step

Depending on whether the investor obtains a Golden Visa in Portugal on his or her own or with the assistance of an immigration department, the measures will vary. In the second scenario, specialists do all of the mundane tasks. The client must pay for the contribution and receive a certificate of residency permit status. Let’s look at the most important steps:

  1. Fill out an application. Cooperation with an immigration agency helps you get it right. This and the next 5 steps the agency takes upon itself, you only need to provide the original documentation and purchase the property.
  2. Select an object and conclude a purchase agreement if you want to take part in the Golden residence permit program through real estate.
  3. Collect a package of documents, translate them into Portuguese and notarize them.
  4. Register in SEF and send the prepared documents there.
  5. Pay all fees €517 for yourself and €80 for each family member in the application.
  6. Apply for a Schengen visa to visit Portugal and select a property.
  7. Open a Portuguese tax number (NIF).

SEF will review the resignation and make a decision within 6-7 months. If the investor’s application for a residence permit card is approved, he or she will be required to pay an extra fiscal obligation for each family member involved in the application.

Golden Visa fees and costs

In Portugal, the expense of acquiring a residency card is €5,173 per family member. The cost of extending a residency in Portugal is 50% of this amount, or €2,586.

The fee for applying for and renewing a residency permit is €517 for the principal applicant and €80 for a family member.

The expense of obtaining a tax number (NIF) and the services of a tax representative is €200. Medical insurance is also around €200 per person.

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Investment options to obtain residence permit

Investment in real estate


500,000 for any type of property 350,000 for properties that are subject to renovation and were built over 30 years ago

Examples of calculations:
For 1 applicant - €556,000
For a family of four - €574,000

Investment in country's economy


€1,000,000 – a minimum investment (from 01/01/2022 – €1,500,000)

Job creation


— €350,000 – investment (from 01/01/2022 – €500,000) — creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal

Investment in research activities


€350,000 (from 01/01/2022 – €500,000)

Acquisition of shares of Portuguese funds


€350,000 a minimum investment (from 01/01/2022 – €500,000)

Examples of calculations:
For 1 applicant - €392,000
For a family of four - €411,000

Stages of Portugal residency application process

The following steps are described for reference purpose only. The main thing that we want to underline is that Migronis takes care of preparation and submission of your case. You only need to provide the original documents. We will do all the paperwork ourselves.


Free preliminary background check (due diligence) of an applicant (1 day) and contract signing in one of our offices or remotely. At this stage, it will be sufficient to provide the passport copies of all family members who will be included in the residency application.

Result of the stage: background check report + signed contract.


We cooperate with leading real estate agencies and offer our clients highly liquid objects at real market value (the value of the object is not artificially raised for the purpose of obtaining a Golden Visa).

You choose a suitable object and approve the date of its viewing.

Result of this step: an investment object chosen.


We receive the tax number required for the transaction and apply for a residence permit in the local tax administration. We open an account in a local bank, arrange for life insurance in the same bank or in an insurance company. Reissue all contracts for utility payments in the name of the client.

You sign the real property sale and purchase contract and make the necessary amount of investment.

At this stage you will need to issue a power of attorney in the name of the agent/intermediary.

Result of this step: Document on the ownership of the property.


We receive certificates of no criminal record, fill out government forms, arrange for notarization of the copies of documents, translation and apostilization of the entire package, and send it to the Portuguese Immigration Office (SEF). Submission of documents and payment of fees is carried out by a certified agent. The personal presence of the applicant is not required.

You provide original documents and sign forms and other documents that we prepare ourselves.

Result of this step: Application form to be filed to SEF


The Portuguese Immigration Office carries out examination within 4-7 months, and then issues a decision on the case.

We are preparing the additional documents and certificates requested in the course of examination.

Result of this step: Invitation to the SEF office for submitting biometric data.


After payment of the investment amount and fees, you visit Portugal to submit biometrics, pay for a residence permit and collect a plastic card as a Portuguese residency. Residence permit is valid for 1 year. To maintain the status one has to spend 7 days per year in the country. We remind about the necessity to renew the document 6 months prior its expiration.

Result of this step: Portuguese residence card obtained.

Post – immigration service


  • Opening an account at a local bank.

  • Registration of a company.

  • Real estate management.

  • Obtaining a driver's license in Portugal (a driver's license can be exchanged within 3 months from the date of obtaining a residence permit WITHOUT exams and additional confirmation).

  • Replacement and restoration of a residence permit within 7-14 days in case of its loss / damage / expiration.

  • Obtaining a utility bill, local phone number, as well as other documents.

The real case of obtaining Portuguese residency.

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We described the procedure for obtaining Portuguese residency in every last detail, breaking the process into steps, providing examples and photos of all documents.

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Answers to frequently asked questions and information about Portugal

Who can obtain the residence permit together with the investor?

Spouse/s (monogamous marriage);
Main applicant's and/or spouse's children under the age of 18 who are unmarried and are fully financed by the main applicant;
Main applicant's and/or spouse's children aged 18 to 26 who are not married are enrolled in full-time learning at the university and are fully financed by the main applicant;
Children, regardless of age, having physical or mental disability, who live with the main applicant and are on his full financial support;
Parents and grandparents of the main applicant and/or his spouse over 65 who are fully financed by the main applicant;
Former spouse cannot obtain citizenship;
A marriage certificate from a third country may be provided.

Can children from previous marriages get a residence permit?

Yes, if they meet program requirements.

How is the financial dependence of children and parents on the main applicant confirmed?

The documents confirming financial dependence shall be provided. For children - a certificate from the place of study. For dependent parents - a birth certificate.

Can married children and working parents be granted citizenship?

No, in this case they do not fall under the category of dependents.

For how long is a Portuguese residence permit valid?

Portuguese residence permit is issued for 1 year with its subsequent renewal for 2 years.

Is it required to visit the country to apply for residence permit?

It is not required to stay in Portugal during the process of obtaining a residence permit - applicants need to visit the country only once to submit biometrics and collect residence cards.

Is it required to reside in the country and know the language to maintain a residence permit?

In order to successfully renew the residence permit in Portugal, you will need to spend in the country 7 days per year and pay a state fee for issuance of new residence cards.

Do I need to know the language and reside in the country to obtain citizenship?

To successfully pass the Portuguese language test attending 3-month online courses will be sufficient;
The requirement to stay - you need reside in the country for 7 days per year.

Does a person become liable for military service after obtaining citizenship?


Do I need to renounce my first citizenship when I receive a Portuguese passport?

No. Dual citizenship is acceptable under the Portuguese law.

Do I need to submit biometric data during application process and for renewal of a residence permit?

Yes, biometric data are required when applying for a residence permit.

Is it possible to obtain a residence permit and citizenship, if you had a conviction which is now canceled?

No, the applicants must hold a clean criminal record.

Is it possible to apply for a residence permit and citizenship if there was a refusal of a visa to Europe, America, UK?

No, to qualify for the program, an applicant shall not be subject to any restrictions or prohibitions on entry into the EU, USA, UK and Canada.

What level of language proficiency is required for citizenship?

Language proficiency requirements are loyal. To pass the language test, a certificate of completion of 3-month courses is sufficient.

What is the procedure for obtaining citizenship?

After 5 years of possession of a residence permit, permanent residence is granted, and after a year of permanent residence - a passport is granted.

Do I need to reside in the country after grant of permanent residency to be able to renew it in the future?

No, it is sufficient to spend 7 days per year in the country.

How is the application process and submission of documents carried out if our office is not available in the client's city?How is the application process and submission of documents carried out if our office is not available in the client's city?

All documents are sent by mail.

Fees for obtaining and renewal of a residence permit.

Fee for the grant of a residence permit - € 5,173.70 per each applicant;
Fee for the renewal of a residence permit - € 2,586.60 per each applicant.

Is it possible to visit Schengen countries, the USA and England with a residence permit but without a visa?

Visa-free travel to Schengen countries during the first year of residence permit;
Visa-free entry to the USA, England and Canada only with a passport.

For how long can you stay in Schengen countries with a Portuguese residence permit?

No restrictions.

Is it possible to work in the Schengen countries with a Portuguese residence permit without obtaining a work permit?

Portuguese residence permit gives the right to work in Portugal only.

Do I need a visa to visit the United States and Canada with a Portuguese passport?

No. A Portuguese passport allows you to freely enter 186 countries, including the United States, Canada and England.

Is it possible to work in the EU with a Portuguese passport without obtaining a work permit?

Yes. There is no need to obtain a work permit.

Is it required to provide any documents to confirm the origin of funds?

Confirmation of the source of funds is required - employment and/or ownership of business.

What documents are required to confirm the origin of funds?

Employment contract;
certificate of employment indicating the duration of work, position and salary / bonuses;
Copies of tax returns;
Certificate of state registration;
Company registration documents;
Company's financial report of the;
If the capital is accumulated through certain transactions - the sale of property, inheritance, gift - supporting documents are needed; One or several documents may be provided (the list is agreed upon when preparing the case).

Is it possible to transfer funds from a source other than a personal account?

No. Money should be transferred from the personal account only.

Do I need to open an account in Portugal?

Yes, you need to open a bank account in Portugal, after receiving the tax number for investment purposes.

Do I need to pay global income tax when obtaining citizenship?

Portuguese citizenship program provides an opportunity to receive a special tax status, according to which an investor is exempted from global income tax for 10 years (the so-called "tax holiday").

Conditions of acquiring tax residency?

Tax resident status is assigned only to those who stay in the country for more than six months. If an investor is still interested in obtaining the status of a tax resident of Portugal, he will need to prove that he spends at least 183 days per year in a country.

What are the conditions of tax holiday?

The investor must have tax residency status (i.e., stay in Portugal for more than 183 days per year);

The investor must reside in Portugal at the time of applying for a special tax status (if he leaves the country AFTER the grant of “tax holiday”, the status is preserved).

What additional documents are may be issued?

Driver's license;
Tax number.

Is it required to visit a country during application process?

Yes, a visit is required at least to submit biometric data.

The minimum value of a property item?

€ 500,000 in any type of real estate;

€ 350,000 in property that is subject to reconstruction and was built more than 30 years ago.

Average yield from renting an item?

4-8 per cent per annum.

Portuguese Real Estate Market Review

The Portuguese real estate market is on the rise. Real estate prices have been growing proportionate to demand since 2016. According to Standard & Poor’s analysts, growth in real estate in Portugal will increase at least until 2021 in light of the upcoming British exit from the European Union (Brexit). A side effect of Brexit will be the lack of supply in the EU real estate market, which will have a favorable effect on the dynamics of the Portuguese market.

According to a S&P report, Portugal is expecting the fastest price growth among the leading EU property markets. Housing prices will rise by 8.5% in 2018 and 7% in 2019. The forecast for 2020 is also optimistic: a 6% increase in prices for Portuguese real estate . The combination of sustainable economic growth, a stable pace of development of the labor market and external demand for housing opens up attractive financial prospects for Portuguese investors.

Duration of retaining an object to maintain a residence permit?

5 years.

Is it possible to sell the object after obtaining a permanent residency or citizenship?

Yes, after 5 years real estate can be sold and status will be preserved.

Is it possible to invest in any object or is there a specific list?

There is freedom to choose objects for investment (as opposed to Caribbean programs, where you can only invest in a government-approved list of real estate items). You can buy residential and non-residential real estate, you can invest in several objects, as long as their total value matches the required investment amount.

What regions are popular in terms of buying real estate and why?

Lisbon Riviera (Cascais, Estoril) is popular after the reconstruction of urban infrastructure in 2004 after preparing for the European Football Championship;
Resort regions of the Algarve, Madeira, Alentejo are also popular due to tourism, proximity to the sea.

Can I buy several real property items when applying for a residence permit?

It is allowed to buy several real estate items if their total value total reaches the required investment amount.

What is an actual duration of residence permit application process in Portugal?

Typically, a residence permit application process in Portugal takes 6-8 months.

What happens in case of concealment of information or providing false data?

Refusal in grant of a residence permit (or deprivation of status).

What are the reasons for refusal?

- provision of false information;
- availability of a criminal record or criminal proceedings in any country of the world;
- posing a potential threat to public order, national security or the reputation of Portugal.

Portugal Passport Rating

Portuguese passport is ranked 4th (out of 100) according the rating of passports in 2018 for freedom of movement.

Country Information

Portugal's GDP in 2017 is $ 218.06 bln. (increased by 6.23% compared to $ 205.27 bn in 2016);
The population of Portugal in 2018 is 10,203,439 people;
The capital is Lisbon;
Sectors of the economy: production sector, foreign tourism (about 10 million people per year);
Portugal is ranked 29 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business (Doing Business ranking 2017).

When do customers choose a program?

When they need to get legal status in a European country, and the maintenance of which does not require residing permanently in Portugal + when they plan to apply for citizenship in future.

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