Uruguay Introduces Digital Nomad Visa

Uruguay Introduces Digital Nomad Visa

Anastasiia Zapevalova
5 June 2023

Uruguay, known for its delicious steaks and pristine beaches, has decided to take advantage of the nomadism trend and attract remote workers with the help of its recently launched digital nomad visa. It is likely that in the near future the popularity of this previously not so popular destination among nomads will increase: in order to ensure demand, the authorities have simplified the conditions and the process of obtaining a visa as much as possible.

How to get a digital nomad visa in Uruguay?

Unlike many other countries, the Uruguayan digital nomad visa is truly simple and accessible. The application process is extremely simple and there is no minimum income requirement. Moreover, the entire procedure can be completed online, which makes the task easy to complete even for inexperienced nomads.

The Uruguayan authorities have been working for several years to attract technology companies to the country. Companies and professionals working in the tech sector are eligible for various tax benefits. Therefore, digital nomads in the technology sector may be especially interested in the new visa.

You can apply for a visa online after entering the country as a tourist. To do this, you need to fill out an online form on the government website, starting by creating a digital ID. Providing personal information and confirming that you have the means to support yourself while living in the country are basic requirements.

After submitting the application and paying a fee of about 9 euros, all that remains is to wait for your visa approval - it will arrive by email. This permit allows you to stay in Uruguay for up to 180 days - enough to sample the local cuisine and enjoy the beaches with stunning views.

If digital nomads want to extend their stay beyond the initial 180 days, Uruguay has a few additional requirements. Those seeking a one-year visa extension must show no criminal record in countries where they have lived for more than six months within the last five years. In addition, you will need a vaccination certificate issued in Uruguay.

Uruguay's introduction of digital nomad visas reflects a growing global trend of countries embracing remote work and providing attractive opportunities for location-independent professionals. Joining countries such as Estonia, Barbados, Bermuda, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Portugal and Spain, Uruguay is now positioning itself as a welcoming destination for digital nomads.

How much does it cost to live in Uruguay?


  • Apartment prices in Montevideo range from less than $100,000 for studios to over $1 million for penthouses.
  • Renting a two-bedroom newly renovated apartment in Montevideo will cost approximately $850 per month, and renting a studio will cost approximately $530 per month.
  • In Punta del Este, a furnished two-bedroom apartment can be rented for about $1,200 per month, and a studio for $700.


  • Eating out can cost around $4 to $8 for breakfast, $15 to $20 for lunch, and $30 for dinner.


Many expats in Uruguay travel without a car.

  • In Montevideo, you can get around by city buses (about $1.30 one way) and taxis (about $7 for 8 km).
  • You can travel around the country on comfortable intercity buses. A trip from Montevideo to Punta del Este costs about $10 one way.

Public utilities

  • Electricity costs vary depending on usage, but a couple in a modern two-bedroom apartment can spend an average of $85 per month.
  • A basic home fiber internet plan costs about $37 per month, while cell phone plans range from $14 to $52 per month.
  • Cable TV can be purchased for approximately $36 per month.


  • The most popular health care option is a hospital insurance plan called a mutualist. It costs about $70 dollars per month plus additional fees.
  • For $30 per month, you can purchase an additional plan with 24/7 emergency assistance available.

These are some of the basic living expenses in Uruguay. Prices may vary depending on location and personal preference.

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