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Visa-Free Countries for Dominica Passport Holders

31 August 2021

There are few hidden gems left in the world, especially in the much-visited Caribbean. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Dominica is one of them. The country of Dominica–not to be confused with the Dominican Republic– is beautiful due to white-sand beaches, spectacular geological wonders, hot springs, ocean cliffs, mountain trails, and much more.

What is special about Dominica?

Dominica is everything a person would like to wish. This place is ideal for the tourism industry, delivering many returns to investors engaged in this activity. From this, it follows that Dominica citizenship is a popular choice on the CBI market.

Key Benefits of Dominica Passport

Since Dominica passport is one of the best globally, it gives its owner a chance to become a global citizen. The quality of this passport may be confirmed by the fact that it ranks in the 32 places. Thus, it has the distinction of being one of the most powerful passports worldwide! Another proof is that it gives access to 143 countries, which is fairly impressive.  

Established in 1993, Dominica Citizenship Program offers favorable conditions with starting price of USD 100,000. The citizenship by investment options includes a non-refundable donation to the Economic Diversification Fund (a starting price — $100,000) or investment in real estate (a minimum investment in a real estate project approved by the government — $200,000).


Visa-free and visa on arrival countries

This Caribbean Island has a high international reputation. The country provides visa free travel to 143 countries for citizens of Dominica, including the U.K., Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Italy, Finland, France, and other ones. From all the above, one can conclude that Dominica is associated with the entire European Union.  

However, the beauty of the country does not end here. Since 2020, it has become the most family-friendly state, as the main applicant can include their spouse, children, siblings, parents, and grandparents in one application.  

The following list represents free countries and territories for Dominica residents.  



  1. Andorra 
  2. Armenia 
  3. Austria 
  4. Belarus 
  5. Belgium 
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  7. Bulgaria 
  8. Croatia 
  9. Cyprus 
  10. Czech Republic 
  11. Denmark 
  12. Estonia 
  13. Finland 
  14. France 
  15. Germany 
  16. Greece 
  17. Hungary 
  18. Iceland 
  19. Ireland 
  20. Italy 
  21. Latvia 
  22. Liechtenstein 
  23. Lithuania 
  24. Luxembourg 
  25. Malta 
  26. Moldova 
  27. Monaco 
  28. Montenegro 
  29. Netherlands 
  30. Norway 
  31. Poland 
  32. Portugal 
  33. Romania 
  34. Russian Federation 
  35. San Marino 
  36. Serbia 
  37. Slovakia 
  38. Slovenia 
  39. Spain 
  40. Sweden 
  41. Switzerland 
  42. Ukraine 
  43. United Kingdom 
  44. Vatican City

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) 

  1. Georgia  



  1. Argentina  
  2. Belize  
  3. Brazil  
  4. Colombia  
  5. Costa Rica  
  6. Ecuador  
  7. Guyana  
  8. Panama  
  9. Peru  
  10. Suriname  
  11. Uruguay  
  12. Venezuela

Visa on arrival 

  1. Bolivia 
  2. Nicaragua 



  1. Indonesia 
  2. Israel 
  3. Malaysia 
  4. Philippines 
  5. Singapore 
  6. South Korea 
  7. Uzbekistan 

Visa on arrival 

  1. Bangladesh 
  2. Cambodia 
  3. Iran 
  4. Jordan 
  5. Laos 
  6. Maldives 
  7. Nepal 
  8. Timor-Leste 

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) 

  1. Sri Lanka 
  2. Bahrain 
  3. Cambodia 
  4. India 
  5. Kyrgyzstan 
  6. Pakistan 
  7. Qatar 
  8. Tajikistan 
  9. Turkey 



  1. Botswana 
  2. Eswatini (Swaziland) 
  3. Kenya 
  4. Lesotho 
  5. Malawi 
  6. Mauritius 
  7. Tanzania 
  8. Zambia 

Visa on arrival 

  1. Cape Verde Islands 
  2. Comoros Islands 
  3. Egypt 
  4. Guinea-Bissau 
  5. Madagaskar 
  6. Mauritania 
  7. Mozambique 
  8. Rwanda 
  9. Senegal 
  10. Seychelles 
  11. Sierra Leone 
  12. Somalia  
  13. Togo 
  14. Uganda 

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) 

  1. Benin 
  2. Côte d’Ivoire 
  3. Djibouti 
  4. Ethiopia 
  5. Gabon 
  6. São Tomé and Príncipe 
  7. South Sudan 
  8. Zimbabwe 



  1. Antigua and Barbuda  
  2. Bahamas  
  3. Barbados  
  4. Cuba  
  5. Dominican Republic  
  6. Grenada  
  7. Haiti  
  8. Jamaica  
  9. St. Kitts and Nevis  
  10. St. Lucia  
  11. St. Vincent and Grenadines  
  12. Trinidad and Tobago 



  1. Fiji 
  2. Micronesia 
  3. Vanuatu 
  4. Papua New Guinea 

Visa on arrival 

  1. Palau 
  2. Samoa 
  3. Solomon Islands 
  4. Tonga 
  5. Tuvalu 



  1. Anguilla  
  2. Aruba  
  3. Bermuda  
  4. Bonaire; St. Eustatius and Saba  
  5. British Virgin Islands  
  6. Cayman Islands  
  7. Cook Islands  
  8. Curacao  
  9. Gibraltar  
  10. Greenland  
  11. Faroe Islands  
  12. French Guiana  
  13. French Polynesia  
  14. French West Indies  
  15. Hong Kong (SAR China)  
  16. Kosovo  
  17. Macao (SAR China)  
  18. Montserrat  
  19. New Caledonia  
  20. Niue  
  21. Palestine Territories  
  22. St. Helena  
  23. St. Maarten  
  24. St. Pierre and Miquelon  
  25. St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
  26. Wallis and Futuna Islands  
  27. Turks and Caicos Islands

World map with highlighted countries

Visa-Free Countries for Dominica Passport Holders — Migronis

What can Migronis do for you?

Our expertise and professionally assembled team can help you create the best portfolio of citizenships, researching which second nationality suits your needs best and helping acquiring it. We deal in Citizenship-by-Investment, providing a wide range of Citizenship-by-Investment programs that allow you to obtain citizenship and a passport to enter various countries visa-free.  

Our extensive knowledge of Citizenship-by-Investment not only helps you gain a passport that enables you to travel visa-free but allows you more financial freedom though more favorable tax regimes and banking options.  

This table shows that any destination is within reach for holders of Dominica’s passport, whether you want to roll out of bed, shop for two hours, and eat a super tasty chocolate croissant in beautiful Paris or reach exotic tropical islands. The travel list 2021 makes everything possible.  

The interesting thing is that Dominica passport gives access to many visa-free countries for Dominica passport holders. As an example, one can note France, Germany, and other countries of Schengen Area, west indies countries, and even more. Some of them allow a 180 days visa free stay up at a time before departure.  

Some visa free countries for Dominica, such as Costa Rica, Bangladesh, or Ireland can grant their holders a stay for 30 days or 3 months. But no need to despair if you want to stay for a more extended period. Many other states go above the threshold of 45 days or 60 days, reaching 6 months period.  

While visa-free and visa on arrival seem to be the most popular choices, electronic travel must never be underestimated as well. Dominica citizenship holders can also access the countries with evisa, which is a much simpler option than the other two listed above. Thus, an e visa allows you to make everything in a virtual environment.  

Interested in more detailed information concerning the Dominica CIP?

  1. We offer free consultations, understanding how important it is for the client to make the only correct decision. 
  2. We work only in the field of investment immigration, integrating gained experience into the investor’s goal 
  3. We work only with official programs of the European Union and Caribbean countries 
  4. Before signing the contract, we inform our clients about any additional fees and expenses 
  5. We conduct a screening to assess the investor’s chance of obtaining the desired citizenship 
  6. We oversee the process at each stage and work exclusively towards the result 
  7. We are in touch 24/7

Entry regulations to Europe

For now, Dominica citizens should not apply for a permit if they want to stay in Europe for up to 90 days visa free. This is an easy way to access any point in the Schengen area without any delay. Such mobility is highly important for business people and those who want to unlock their freedom and enjoy life at the moment.  

Important note: As of late 2022, locals of this country wishing to travel to Europe need to have an ETIAS visa waiver (valid for 3 consecutive years).


Rules for obtaining a U.S. Visa

Some countries can boast that no visa is required for entry to the United States. However, for Dominica, the reverse situation exists. There is no visa free travel to USA for Dominica citizens.  Thus, citizens of this country are required to get a visa if they want to go to this country. After this procedure, they can enjoy all the benefits of Land of Liberty.  

How to apply for a U.S. Visa 

  1. Step 1. Determine your visa type. Dominica nationals are eligible for a B-1/B-2 visa.  
  2. Step 2. Complete the DS-160 Form. Do not forget to read the guidelines. 
  3. Step 3. Apply to the visa agency where you can provide all the relevant information regarding yourself. Here, you will select a visa type, add dependents, and select your document delivery location.  
  4. Step 4. You have to pay the application fee. Payments are made in local currency at the current rate of exchange.  
  5. Step 5. After paying the application fee, you should answer the questions regarding your previous visa, if any. Most applicants must schedule two meetings: one at the Embassy and another at the Visa Application Center.  
  6. Step 6. You should pass one of the two meetings listed above.  
  7. Step 7. After this appointment, it is important to take fingerprints and your photograph.  

Rules for obtaining a visa in Canada

A Canada tourist visa is not required for Canada if Dominica citizens want to stay in this country for up to 180 days. However, it is important that if you stay there for a more extended period, you need to apply for a Canada tourist visa and be present physically at this moment. 

 To apply for a Canadian visitor visa, applicants must present the following information: 


  1. Visa Application Form 
  2. Passport Photo (no older than 6 months)  
  3. Original Passport or Travel document of Dominica with 2 visa pages free for any markings and valid for at least 6 months.  
  4. Cover Letter 
  5. Hotel Bookings. Hotel reservation for the duration of a person’s visit 
  6. Travel itinerary. Travel reservation to and from Dominica. Not a ticket 
  7. Income Tax Returns 
  8. Financial documents. Like PPF, F.D., Property papers, etc.  
  9. Bank Statement. This statement must show the balances of the accounts, the applicant’s name, and the date it was printed. Importantly, if a statement is printed online, then bank officials have to stamp it.  
  10. Current Details. This includes an Income Tax Return, a letter from your employer, original pay slips, and a current bank statement of the last 6 months.  

If you are self-employed, you need to include a copy of your business license. Students should submit an original letter from their school, which indicates they have a good reputation and are registered for the upcoming semester. Retirees should submit proof of their retirement fund.  

Visa regulations in Great Britain

The U.K. is on the list of Dominica visa free countries. Thus, Dominica passport grants a visa free travel to this country. According to the current legislation and requirements, the maximum duration of stay in this country is half a year, and this can be done without the need for a visa. If you wish to stay longer, you have to pay for an extension of stay. U.K. Emergency Travel Documents are accepted for airside transit, exit from Dominica, and entry to the U.K. 

U.K. tourist visa requirements: 

  1. Original Passport or Travel document of Dominica with 2 visa pages free for any markings and valid for at least 6 months 
  2. Travel itinerary. Travel reservation to and from Dominica. Not a ticket 
  3. Proof of funds 

Important note: U.K. authorities can refuse visa free access to anyone trying to enter the country for business, marriage, and other purposes, different from tourism.  

Would like to know more?

If you would like to know more about how you can get a second citizenship, you need to contact us today and book a free consultation with our second citizenship expert.

Rules for obtaining a visa to other countries

There are many countries you can visit with Dominica passport. As it was stated above, Dominica passport provides access to 143 visa free travel countries for 90 days and more. However, citizens of this country can enter many other states as well. The difference is that there are certain restrictions as compared to Dominica visa free countries list 

Passport validity, rules, period, and cost of passport replacement

Dominica’s passports are valid for 10 years. However, passports for children under 16 have half the size of their validity date. To apply for a Dominica passport, it is important to: 

  1. Be of legal age
  2. Have no criminal record
  3. Pass a due diligence background check
  4. Have good health
  5. Have an outstanding character
  6. Have a basic knowledge of English


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Where can Dominica citizens travel without a visa?

Dominica passport provides visa free access to 143 countries.

Do Dominica citizens need a U.S. visa?

U.S. citizens do not need a U.S. visa if they want a 180 days visa free stay in the country.

Do you need a visa to travel to Dominica?

If you are a Dominica citizen, you don’t need a visa to enter the country. However, as for the Commonwealth of Dominica entry requirements, one needs to provide a valid passport, a local passport, a valid return ticket, and sufficient funds to support themselves during a certain time period.

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